Looking for a good 3rd party supplier for Dexcom

My husband has been trying to get his Dexcom sensors ordered for 3 months. We finally ended up purchasing several off of an amazon type site. Dexcom is still futzing around, first the form is wrong, then the form they said they received they never received. Their Customer Service is horrible. What suppliers do others use successfully to get Dexcom sensors? Is there any 3rd party supplier that performs customer service well, processes orders quickly and efficiently?

It all depends on your insurance. Some insurance companies will limit you to their approved supplier. If you’re on Medicare, you can use any supplier but getting all the paperwork in place can take a very long time depending on if the doctor fills the forms out correctly and how diligent their office is in getting the paperwork submitted.

Hi Lilly @susanlily, how the heck did your husband get a doctor’s prescription filled on the internet by a probably unknown huckster?

The most efficient way to legally receive authentic Dexcom prescription devices is by personally approaching a Dexcom representative and make yourself known and request that s/he “do the work” for you. You can initially meet a Dexcom representative at just about any TypeOneNation or JDRF event [look in the “Events Tab” at the top of this page]; I received my Dexcom G5 kit within one month of calling a representative to whom I introduced myself.

Yes, you will need to share personal information with this representative and give her/him permission to speak with and request medical information, and also give the Dexcom Representative authority to negotiate on your behalf with your insurance carriers.

Good luck in your husband’s quest. For me, the process was streamlined and smooth and not at all complicated; it only gets complicated when you try to circumvent protocol and invent your own methods.

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For as long as I can remember I’ve used Edgepark for my DME supplies, and I’ve had a few different insurance plans. If memory serves, I reached out to Edgepark first, and they contacted my doctor for the prescription and took care of any preauth.
I suggest you reach out to your provider to see who they use, and be sure to use the term “durable medical equipment”: when switching to a new plan I’ve called to ask where I can get my pump/CGM supplies, and they referred me to my local pharmacy (they do not keep them) or medical supply store (the ones I called don’t have them either). I can only suppose the person with my insurance didn’t recognize these items as durable medical equipment.

I’ve had the displeasure of going through Byram Healthcare, and kept having problems filling my son’s supply orders in a timely manner. We’ve since gone to Edgepark for pump supplies, and I can’t believe how much better they are to work with. We moved his Dexcom supplies to our pharmacy (this is a particular perk with my insurance, but is becoming more prevalent). Talking to your insurance about available options is a good place to start. Best of luck!

Looking at Dexcom’s website, I found you can now go to a few pharmacies and get all supplies from them. At this time, in my neighborhood, only RiteAid said they could help me fill this script. Also, to make life more challenging, I’m on Medicare with AARP supplemental insurance. Good luck, take care, have fun, blessings, Dave

Also, I just switched to Dexcom’s G6’s. So, for anyone willing to pay shipping, I have 5 new, unopened, Dexcom Sensor’s, in their unopened plastic envelopes. I’ll send them to you.

I used to use Advanced Diabetes Supply They were adequate at best.

If your insurance covers your CGM through your prescription benefits you can now use the local pharmacy with Dexcom’s cheat sheets containing the wholesaler and Fed IDs. I have now used Costco and CVS.

try pumpsit.com its where I get all my g6 products from. good company

Costco Pharmacy, both in Michigan and Arizona for sensors. Got the transmitters at CVS. Dexcom G6. UHC insurance.

Lilly @susanlily I’ve found that Byram Healthcare [ https://www.mybyramhealthcare.com/ ] has been effectively supplying both my Dexcom and Tandem supplies in a timely manner. Yes, it sometimes takes a week for packages shipped from California to get to Florida, but all I need to remember is to place my order on schedule.
Making it easier mow is Byram sends me a text message and all I need to do is enter a 1, a 2, or a 3 and in a day or two I get a message that my order is in shipping.

I’m on Medicare, and I can now order sensors from my local Walgreens (or Duane Reade). Don’t know if this service is available with regular iinsurance, but it’s certainly worth asking the question! If you’re eligible, you will have to get a new Rx for the sensors from your doc.

UI had the exact same thing happen to me with Libre. Would be good to know how many more have been put through the wringer to get their supplies. We need to get strong and make some noise. Its unfair and unhealthy for us.

Dear Dave,

If you still have those 5 unopened G5 sensors, I would like to get them for my 19 yr old developmentally disabled son. We are in the process of getting him upgraded to the G6 but it could take awhile as he is on WI Medicaid. Of course, we will pay for shipping,

Chris Wasilewski

I use Solara and have had a good experience. They are registered as a (reliable or whatever medical supply source) covered by health insurance carriers. hope that helps.

My sincere apologies, Chris. They’ve been sent out. Hope you find some. take care, blessings, Dave

Hi Susan, I’ve used Advanced Diabetes Supply in Carlsbad, CA ~ 877-838-3026. They have great customer service. Also, Walgreens will now work with you and get them for you. Take care, blessings, Dave

Thanks you for the response