Frustration with Pump/sensor supplier

Does anyone else out there get insulin pump supplies/sensors from CCS Medical and have issues with them? My doctor sent in my prescription on 3/21, I never received my box of supplies for the month of April and now they’re saying they STILL can’t send me supplies because they need my prescription. I called my doctors office and they said they sent it in already but they would do it again. They finally got it on file but now they’re saying they can only send me sensors and not sets/reservoirs. I really need to change suppliers but I have no idea how to go about that or figure out who takes my insurance! Does anyone else have as many problems as I do with their suppliers? Medtronics is the only place I’ve never had issues with but they don’t take my insurance.

I’ve used Edgepark for years, with different insurance policies - check to see if they participate with yours. Occasionally insurance needs the prescription written a very particular way, or they may require a preauthorization in addition to the rx. That might be worth looking into.

Yes, I have used CCS for the past four or five years.
And Yes, many problems with them…
I would also encourage you to go with Edgepark, I have not used them but I have good things about them…
Soooo frustrating!!!

Edgepark has worked fine for me for pump supplies, but I have to get Dexcom supplies from a Byram, which has been a total disaster. You have to use a supplier that’s contracted with your insurance, so insurance is the first place to check. It’s a pain!

I’ve used Byrum for one 90-day order. They were efficient and pleasant and prompt.

I also have to use Byram. They have been exceptionally hard to deal with. I would use anybody but them if given the choice. I am on Medicare with a BCBS secondary. I can now get my G6 sensors from a local pharmacy, like Rite Aid. Of course, they sub it out to ADS (American Diabetes Supplies) who then subs it out to another company. So far so good.

I had issues with CCs. Check with your insurance company they should have a list of preferred suppliers. My new supplier with Cigna is Walgreens that was a surprise. So far they have been great. Hope this helps, your Ins . co has to have a preferred list./ Hope this helps. Bye Jan

I use CCS Medical and they have been wonderful for me. But I originally got their name from my pump manufacturer. At the time I changed my insurance, I called them to ask for suppliers, since my insurance company was no help. You could call Medtronic and ask them what suppliers they use for whichever health insurance provider you have. At one point in the past, my old insurer used a single supplier, and I think it was because they got a better deal that way in exchange for sending all their customers to that provider.

Did you get your supplier figured out? It can be a total pain. I had Edgepark, problems on and off. Byram was also on and off bad but much better now. I ended up buying 1 box of sensors and 1 box of pods out of pocket in case there was a shipping problem, authorization problem, etc. - SAVED ME FROM SO MUCH HASSLE and I could stay on top and not hold my breath for the next order! Good luck.

I have used CCS Medical for several years and the only problem that I have had has been with the doctor’s office failing to send my Chart Notes to CCS Medical. Have used them for Medtronic supplies as well as Dexcom supplies. The latter has only been for several months.