Looking for a Dexcom G6 Transmitter

Hi all!

I’m a fiancé to a Type One (he’s a pro - it’s been over 22 years!). I’ve spent the last year of our relationship diving deep into the world of Type One and learning everything I can. There’s so much to process and soak in… and this forum has been wonderful, and almost therapeutic for me, to read everyone’s stories and experiences with T1. I’m so grateful for you all!

Unfortunately the healthcare provided through my fiancé’s job is not great and, after switching to that from his parent’s insurance, it financially forced him to be off his Dexcom G6 sensors and go back to finger pricking. However, he ended up with almost 90 days worth of sensors left, but no transmitter.

With our wedding being next month, our hope was to find a transmitter so he could go back to temporarily using his Dexcom sensors. The out of pocket cost is astonishing to me! (I know, I know, welcome to your world…) It appears like the Costco discount everyone was talking about is no longer available, and I’m not sure where else to be looking.

Any tips/hints/places to look for a discounted Dexcom G6 transmitter? We don’t need a long term solution (we’re working on a plan, but of course I’m open to your insight!)… just one transmitter to get us through the wedding weekend without all the finger pricking. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

Hi @victoriamoore! I self fund, and it is an awful financial burden. I do not have a transmitter, but I have a suggestion. Join the “Looped” group on Facebook, then message Katie DiSimone and ask if she can help with a low cost G6 transmitter.

If you have saved the old dead transmitters one can replace the batterys. It’s a bit of work but can be done. Search YouTube for Dexcom G6 battery replacement.
Another option is to use the xdrip+ app instead of the Dexcom app. It will allow one to extend the transmitter life past the Dex program shutdown even when there is battery voltage left.
The xdrip+ app is a job to install but it’s so much better than the Dex app! There is a xdrip Facebook group which can help.
Good luck!

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Thanks, Mike! I appreciate your suggestion!

Frank, I appreciate your idea! Funny, I had that thought the other day about the apps shutting down the sensors/transmitters before they were actually “done”. I understand it’s probably a safety precaution, but it makes total sense to find a work around if one is able to replace a battery. I’ll look into this!

Is there a chance you could ask his endocrinologist / doctor / diabetes educator if you could borrow a G6 transmitter for a “trial” ? We once did a “trial” through our doctor using a transmitter that was a loaner, we kept it for a week or 10 days. Perhaps you could schedule a trial and through just sheer good luck it could coincide with the wedding !

I do transmitter refurbishing… I can definitely get you a G6! Feel free to email transmitters@yahoo.com for info!

I will tell my parents to check that out because I use the G6 and I ran out if transmitters and I have not been able to use my DeX for about a month

I hadn’t thought of borrowing a transmitter as a trial. We’ll look into it! Thanks!

Good to know! Thanks so much for offering!
If we feel a refurbed transmitter is the way to go, I’ll reach out.