Dexcom... poor customer service

I’ve been on the Dexcom for about 8 years, it is really great technology, I work in a physically active job, often in remote areas so this allows me to keep tight control without fear of unsuspected lows. About 3 weeks ago my transmitter died and I have been trying to get a replacement ever since. I have never had this much trouble the whole time I have been on the Dexcom, I’m frustrated at the callousness that they display in not getting this out to me as quick as possible, do they not realize this is life-saving tech? They’ve messed up my paperwork, not contacted me when they said they would, told me I would have it 1.5 weeks ago.

@ginny sorry to hear about this - I am sure if you keep at it that the transmitter will get resolved. hope this is fixed soon.

@ginny I’m really surprised to hear this, I’ve only ever had great attention when dealing directly with the folks at Dexcom. Unfortunately, my health insurer requires I go through a third party administrator (TPA), could that be part of the issue for you as well? If you’ve recently changed health carriers, or even plans, at work (typically at the start of the new calendar year), the rules may have changed. Call your insurer’s customer service and verify your durable medical equipment (DME) coverage and who you are eligible to obtain supplies through.

I hope you are able to rectify your situation quickly, I empathize with your plight!

Wishing you continued good health -

I am surprised by this as well, Dexcom customer service is usually really good.

With that said, my receiver died awhile ago and instead of paying $1,156 out of pocket to replace it under DME I use the Dexcom app with my G5 and it loads all data directly to the Clarity account through the cloud so no need to carry a receiver anymore. The only downside is that I cannot use xDrip anymore =( because a receiver is required to share data unless you are a computer genius and can figure out how to set up a Nightscout account.

Hi Ginny. I’m sorry to hear about your service issues. I’ve always had great service with Dexcom. If you haven’t done so already, you should take your issue to someone higher up in the company - a supervisor who can look into things. Since it is an issue with the existing receiver I would think it should be covered under the warranty, unless it has expired.

Hopefully this won’t happen again. I finally got my transmitter last weekend. It was pretty ridiculous though. I was told the Wednesday before it would be overnighted to me. When I came home from work Thurs, no transmitter so I called. Come to find out that they shipped it to Texas, despite the fact they shipped me a package a month prior to my home in Massachusetts. After being on hold, I was told FedEx would try and pick up the package and express it to me. I asked if I would receive it the next day, and was told they had to see if FedEx could get it. I responded that was not going to work, the transmitter was overnighted because it was that important, and I had already been almost five weeks without it. So I asked to speak to a supervisor etc, and then was told I would have one overnighted to my house. Friday, came home from work, no transmitter. I called Dexcom to see where it was and was told it hadn’t been shipped that it was pending managements approval and that would take 24 hours (it’s Friday so much more than that). At this point I said no, I need to talk to the person that makes that decision, why was I the one being penalized for their mistake and that I was getting up at night to check my blood sugars. Finally I got someone else on the phone and explained all of the ridiculous things that had happened including how I had been flat out lied to that I would receive my transmitter that day, how I had been on the CGM for 8 years, and that they lost money on sensors that I didn’t use for 5 weeks, how they would get no money if I died. Finally that person put the order in, and then called me back to ensure that it had been shipped. I did receive my transmitter the following day, close to about 5 weeks after input my order in. I’m still amazed at how bad my experience was.

You have totally confused me on this. I have a Dexcom 4 platimum and it is pretty straight forward. What is this software and drip you are referring to?

Synthia, xDrip is another app for tracking the data from your Dexcom. I found it when I got my Dexcom and a new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus because at the time the Dexcom app wasn’t available for my phone.

Same situation here. My daughter’s transmitter battery died after being paired for one week. Some salesperson keeps calling to complete my order for sensors, but hello! I don’t have a working transmitter so what good does 3 months worth of sensors do? Technical support will not send me a new one. I feel like telling them to forget it, close my account, and we can try the Libre.

I hate to say it but we had two transmitters left and they both were beyond inaccurate. We called them and they advised they would replace it right away two weeks later when the other was acting up still NOT HERE. I was advised the same that the CSR (customer service rep) made an error. My 2nd call went well and we got my sons new transmitter and are now with the g6 which is amazing and accurate and off by no more than 5. I think at any company you will always have a few people that are off and just shouldn’t be with the company. Hoping for better next time.

I recently had to get a new transmitter, as it has been almost 6 months since the last. Went through a third party medical supplier in hope of faster turn around than last spring. They messed up, sat on my paperwork for 10 days! Got so frustrated I emailed the CEO of Dexcom. I got my transmitter a week later. I’m hoping this mark’s a turning point in my experience with the company. I love the technology, but can’t deal with the aggravation of ordering.

Hi Ginny @ginny, sorry to hear that you need to jump through hoops to get your supplies. I too use a third party for my DexCom supplies - something to do with my Medicare insurance - but I’ve never had any hassle.
I use the automated order site usually on the day I receive an email reminder that it is time to reorder. The order is acknowledged immediately but shipment is often delayed until the Medicare required “30 day interval” is met.