Living alone

Hey guys I live in little rock arkansas and live alone and was diagnosed with type 1 last september on my way here from germany.  just seeing if there's anyone else out there living solo with type 1 and how its been for them... arkansas doesn't really have any ADA or anything and being new here is kinda lame lol.   hard to go out when your new to a city.

Hi Erik,

JDRF actually has two chapters in Arkansas you may want to check out.... Don't know if they are near you at all...

Greater Arkansas Chapter:

Northwest Arkansas Chapter:

Hope this helps!

I've lived on my own most of my adult life and it was never any problem (I was dxd at age 2 and a bit). Take good care of yourself and you should have no problems. Best of luck in your new city.


I lived on my own for a decade before getting married.  I moved to new cities a couple times and had to travel a lot for my job.  When I was somewhere new I'd try to keep a closer eye on my diabetes since the change would sometimes affect my blood sugars.  And let friends and co-workers know you're diabetic and they should give you pop or juice or candy if you start acting weird.