Has anyone taken this drug,my Dr. just put me on it, he said it will help protect my kidneys,even thou i have no kidney problems or high blood pressure,if anyone has input please reply,don't like taking new drugs if i don't need them.



i've been on enalapril (similar drug, different name) for 12 years and all damage to my kidneys has been reversed. as long as i regularly take that pill, my kidneys function completely normally. i don't like taking unnecessary drugs either (i take 2 heart pills that are "protective" but i don't actually have a heart problem), but i figured if it keeps me healthy and prolongs the use of my organs, i'd rather do that than watch them deteriorate and later think, "damn, i should have taken that pill."


Thanks C

Your reply meant a lot,I'll take em, see how it goes.


I have been on it for years. Have been T1 for 30 years. I also do not have any kidney issues or blood pressure issues either.  It is very cheap so I take it and don't object. Especially if it helps me avoid any complications later on.

I've been on lisinopril for two years now (never had kidney issues) as a protection. Haven't had any issue on it and the pills are nice and small. My Endo is always telling me my kidneys are doing great.

I took it for a couple of years with no side effects, just as protection. But, then an endo up at Joslin (so, a reputable source) told me about 5 years ago that after 20 years of D w/o kidney issues I was "past the danger zone time" and could go off if I wanted. My endo when I moved back down to DC also wanted me off it, so I would be on it during childbearing years b/c it's dangerous if you happen to get pregnant on it. So, long story short, I took it with no problem, have been off it for about 5 years, and still no kidney probs.... (knock on wood).

I'm on Lisinopril.  When I was first put on it, I thought it was strictly for high blood pressure (I was running a lot of 135/85 blood pressure readings at the time - this is back when my diet was pretty lousy), so I went off it after awhile when I started eating better and seeing a positive downswing in my blood pressure readings.  I started showing signs of kidney issues not long afterward, so I was put back on Lisinopril immediately.  I haven't missed a dose since and haven't shown any signs of kidney problems since.

In a nutshell, Lisinopril is exceptionally helpful for protecting diabetic kidneys.  Keep in mind that we can have complications after awhile even with good BG control (my kidney problems resulted with A1C numbers between 6 and 7), so it's wise to take all the things you can that are known to be helpful in keeping your organs healthy.  Just because your kidneys are fine now doesn't mean you won't be spilling protein later.

I want to thank all of you for the comments it help me make up my mind so again thank ya'll


I started taking Altace so long ago I cannot remember how many years it has been. I did not have any kidney or BP problems when I started. In the year 2007 I started having a few BP's above 140 and my dosage of Altace was increased. My BP would probably have been much worse if I had not already been taking Altace. My kidneys and my BP are very good now, after 64 years of type 1.

I am also on Lisinopril. I have been on it for a few years but I took vasotec prior. I have had minor kidney issues since I was 16 yrs old. However these meds have helped slow/stop progression of kidney disease.

Not sure about what the Joslin endo advised...  I'd had diabetes 27 years when my first kidney problems showed up with protein in my urine. 

I took Lisinopril for a couple years, went off it when I was pregant, and have been back on the last couple years.  My kidney problems have reversed since I've used Lisinopril.   

I was part of a very early group of folks who were put on the first ACE inhibitor (captopril). I already had some kidney damage and they were moderately sure at that time (in the 80s) that this drug would help my kidneys continue to function. I am convinced that this introduction of the drug was what kept me going for so long. In fact, it took over 20 years before I needed dialysis. At that time I had a not very knowledgeable family doc tell me that I would be on dialysis within about 3 - 4 years.

More studies are showing that a very early introduction (earlier than I was caught) can reverse some of the kidney damage and if done before damage sets in, can actually prevent it. I know that no one wants to take pills, but as long as you don't have any side effects (low bp, cough) you have everything to gain, and not much to lose. And even if you do have some slight complications (vasotec aka enalapril, made me very sleepy due to high potassium) a different ACE won't necessarily give you the same problem. I was on Lisinopril for years. I like it much better than the old-style captopril since I had to take it 3 times per day.

The beauty of the drug is that it can be taken small doses and does not have a very "hard" effect on bp - so you may have no side effects at all.



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I have been on that pill before in the past because my kidneys were starting to have extremely high levels. I wasnt on it long though. I already have a low enough blood pressure which  lisinopril is a kidney and a blood pressure drug combined in one according to the endo I used to see. So I ended up having to go off the med because it was making my blood pressure go down lower than it needs to be and made me feel like crap and like I was about to pass out. Not good basically. So yeah. Other than that though it did help the kidneys quite a bit.


@jennagrant - are you still taking it? And did you stop taking before you got pregnant or after you found out? While I’m not planning to get pregnant, I’m still concerned that this medication could affect a baby if I did get pregnant. Thanks!

I was glad to find this old thread from years ago. I hope that those who posted will return and post updates and others can add their input as well.

I was on Altace (ACE inhibitor) for a couple of years back in 2010. All was fine until I developed a persistent cough. My Endo took me off the med and the cough stopped. I’ve never had any kidney issues and have been Type I for over 20 yrs. Recently, my GP prescribed another ace inhibitor for me and we discussed my history with it. She said let’s try a different brand. I think it’s because I’ve had some incidences of elevated BP, though it’s often just fine when I take it home. I do realize the benefits of taking an ACE inhibitor.

After, I left the office I started looking into this type of med and was surprised to read about high potassium levels. It can really be dangerous….even fatal. I had no idea of the potential side effect when I took the med previously years ago. I was never told to watch my potassium level or anything, though I got regular labs at my Endo. Now, I’m concerned. My doctor didn’t mention anything about a low potassium diet, which I think would be prudent. I sure would hate to lose all the great foods that are high in potassium. My Potassium level has always been in normal range. Recently, it was 4.5, But, over 5.1 is considered high. I’m worried that med might cause that to happen. I know I can discuss it with my doctor and I will, but I wanted to know if any of you have had any experiences with this type med. I suppose if it didn’t cause high potassium before, it won’t if I start it again. But, I am older……maybe, I’m overthinking it. Lol

@HighHopes , I’ve been on ACE for 22 years now, I have normal potassium and I don’t need a low potassium diet. My regular blood work is all the monitoring necessary. I had an upset stomach the first month but that’s long gone now. The kidney protection is worth the risk, imo, as long as there is monitoring.

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That’s good to know Joe. I will certainly get regular labs. Do you know if the med has caused any increase in your potassium or is that not something you’ve noticed?

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Hi @HighHopes In 20+ years there have been no changes in blood potassium and no changes to my diet.

That’s amazing. I’ll keep that in mind.