Lisinopril anyone?

My doctor is really encouraging me to take this medication.  He said it's proven to help prevent kidney damage.  My Hb1AC numbers have been in the low to mid 6's for years now and  I'm not spilling anything in my urine but he insist I try it.

I'm skeptical of taking any pills.  I'd rather eat healthy, exercise and control my blood sugar to fend off complications.

Any thoughts from someone who takes this?

I've taken it for years even though I workout daily, My opinion is that I'd rather take it and protect my Kidneys since I’ve been a type 1 for 24 years and plan to be around for 24 more

I have been taking lisinopril for over 3 years now. I take only 10mg daily in the morning. Better to be safe a prevent the kidneys ahead of time. I workout 5 days a week and my A1C's was 5.9 last time and have been 5.8 and 5.9 last 4-5 times.

i ve never heard of that drug - ive been on avapro which i stopped because it made me feel lightheaded...are there any side effects to it?

I tried Lisinopril but had a common side effect of an annoying little hacking cough so was switched to Cozaar.  I agree w/the previous poster who mentioned being around for many more years- I figure, no side effects, why not.  I'm all for preventative medicine and kidney problems are scary. I've been taking cozaar for probably 4 years, aside from stopping before/during pregnancy which is important to know if you're a woman taking this type of med.

i currently take it for about 4 years now they say it helps prevent kidney damage with my blood pressure.

lisinopril (Zestril) is in a class of drugs called ACE inhibitors.  Their primary action is to reduce bp.  However, a benefit of this is renal protection.  Study after study has shown this which is why the ADA & the AACE have it stipulated that all persons with diabetes be on a ACE - I.  I have been on lisinopril for over 10 years.  Even though I have been well controlled, I do have renal issues.  The lisinopril has stabilized it.  All drugs have side effects.  But you should consider the protective / preventive benefits.

Wow, congrats on your a1c numbers.  That is great.  Mine is always right around mid 6 to 7.

I take a low dose Lisinopril every morning since there has been research done on its kidney protective effects.  Type 1 diabetics, even those with good blood glucose control, are at HIGH risk for nephropathy (kidney damage).  If you never suffer any spikes in your blood glucose, then taking this medication probably will not do you any good.  However, if you are like me and you have the occasional, unavoidable spike for unknown reasons, it's probably a good idea to be taking the medication.

Good news is, it's extremely cheap.  I'm getting my degree in nutrition so I see where you're coming from.  I just consider it as an active food substance that has been concentrated.  It's at such a low dose that I never feel any side effects; no dizziness, no cough, no feeling faint.  I highly recommend taking it.

whats the difference between this and cozaar and avapro? when i tried avapro i felt like my face got swollen if that makes any sense?

I'm on lisinopril because I actually do have something wrong with my kidneys. I'm on a pretty low dosage. It can cause insulin sensitivity. When I first started to take it, I got low all the time. And the drs didn't tell me it could cause insulin sensitivity either, so I was upset with them.

I have been dealing with this for almost 30 years and I am only 39 I am having pain in my kidneys and would like any info on saving myself for a few more years my daughter is only 16

I've taken it for years (not able at the moment to determine exactly how many). I appreciate your concerns. I think it has kept me a little safer. It was started, however, because I had microalbuminuria. I didn't know people took it for a preventative, but I can see its benefits. In addition to that, I will say that if you want to take something as a preventative, it's nice if it is cheap ;-). Lisinopril (generic for Zestril) at 25mg is about ten dollars in my state out of pocket. I hope that your strategy always avails you of a complication free life. Sometimes, it still happens.

does anyone take or heard or avapro for protecting the kidneys? how is that in comparison to lisinopril?