Lack of support

Well I’ve been holding this in for quiet sometime and feel the need to just let it out. For the past few years I have have been denying the fact that I will develop very bad complications if I don’t start taking care of my self. I always try to change but always find my self in the same place skipping shots not checking my bgl or even seeing a doctor. As much as I try to ignore the fact that I have completely no support at all it it really gets to me only once in awhile my parents will mention to me that You will eventually die and if you don’t care for you’re self who will if you don’t I always wanted to ask my family to care but I don’t want them to pitty me so I just keep it all in I used to take all my shots until I started having really bad lows and my parents will be like what’s wrong with you then I realised if I start skipping my shots then I won’t go low and my family won’t look down at me and now I’m soo used to not caring for myself that I don’t even know where to begin I don’t really know where to find support or help I whent to the Gp last week and asked for a referral to a endocrinologist and the Gp said I’m totally fine I don’t need to see one just take ur shots and all is good soo and I figured theirs no point In even trying and now I find my self in soo deep that I shouldn’t even try anymore for instance I will try to exercise then I’ll think is I don’t even take my shots what’s the point then I’ll just give up then I’ll be like I should eat better then I’ll think to my self no point so I’ll just give up completely then it makes me really depressed and I don’t even know where to find help
Can someone give me suggestions as to what I should do this is really getting to me. Don’t mean to be such a pity but this is legit the only place I feel that I can get this of my chest with out having to bother anyone thanks.


Diabetes is no joke to deal with, especially without support. Try not to think “all or nothing” thoughts. Everytime you check your blood glucose, take your medications, see your doctor, eat well or exercise is a time that you have done something to help yourself. Focus on what you do right, get back up and try to do the best you can one day at a time. Take heart and know that people on this forum do care for you and do understand what struggling with diabetes is all about. Don’t be afraid to talk and let it out when you need to.

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@karenchq thanks it really does help me a lot to understand that it jsust really gets to me sometimes and I just feel the need to mention it to anyone thanks

I’m not gonna lie, I went through the same thing, feeling the same exact way.I’ve been diabetic for 10 years and in the last year it’s gotten really bad. when I was first diagnosed I remember thinking that if I just ignored diabetes it would just go away. & I kinda got that same mentality. But, I’m finally starting to break out of it again. PLEASE do not give up and throw the towel in. I know I’m to that point sometimes to, but we can’t give up. Just remember, tomorrows another day and its never too late to get back into control. I you ever need to talk or anything I’m here! We’re in this together!

@brookel thank for letting me know that I am not the only one going through this even though it feels like it that’s

every single person diagnosed with an incurable disease goes through the same things, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and then acceptance. No one gets to skip steps. no one gets an easy or free ride. I ignored diabetes for years and dealt with my own undiagnosed depression.

the fact that it’s bothering you is the best sign that you’ll keep moving, and end up in a place where it’ll be okay to have diabetes, it will be okay to make mistakes, it will be very okay to say " I am doing the best job I can today", and it will be okay whether you have support or no support because you’ll do what you need to do for yourself. so few people actually have type 1 diabetes that it is very tough to find understanding and support no matter where you live or go.

The best place for people who get what you are going through is right here, and we are already rooting for you - the next move is yours.

Having T1 diabetes often leads to depression. I recommend anyone with those symptoms (goodle signs of depression) go see a psychiatrist. He/she will determine if it needs treated, and how long it will be needed. Good luck and God speed in managing your disease.

Good news: in a couple years, the artificial pancreas (a super pump) will be out. It will make it drastically easier to take care of our diabetes. So hang in there till then.

Hey! I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago and it’s been pretty crazy. I’ve been super down about it, but in the past few days I’ve been trying to be as positive as I can! Diabetes is just our “thing.” All we can do is try our best! You can always message me if you need to talk! Best wishes!

Okay sport fan, it’s time to get a grip. I’ve had diabetes for a long bloody time and very few people really give a rusty bleep about it. I don’t expect support from anyone but, I have learned how to keep care of some of this stuff. I’m an old cuss and I’ve had diabetes longer that a lot of you guys been alive. I got diabetes when I was three years old so I basically don’t remember any time before that. My mom and dad used to get shots in my back but the problem was that my mom was so emotionally upset having to give me a shot that she was really bad at it andThey kept using the needles over and over again and they kept the whole thing in an alcohol jar because they didn’t want to spend any more money on extra needles. So when I was 12 or 13 I started giving my own shots. Also for the first years my mom would panic every time my urine test came up red(a crude test of blood sugar before hemoglobin was tested at home.) came up bad my mom would run around the house saying “Mike,s going to die!” so what I did for quite a long time was I put water in the urine test so it came up blue.

What I do now is I have a little spiral notebook and in that notebook I keep a ballpoint pen in the spiral. I pull out the pen and then I mark down the date on the top of the list and then the time of the test for example " 8:20 AM" I then mark a little line and then I write down with the blood sugar was say 134 then I mark another little line and I put what my dosage was saved 30 units of Lantus and six units of (buy he way I just mark H or L) I’ve been doing this stupid little system for years and filled up a bunch of notebooks. I used to try to keep them on a digital device but notebooks never fail. And you now have hard copy and you’ve got something to look at the track your blood sugar before and after the injection to see what’s going on. I have noted that in some places in my legs it I’ve built up a whole bunch of scar tissue and I now have to give myself shots that are on my upper thigh. I used to be able to do it on my waist but since I’ve gained a couple extra pounds(sigh) I haven’t been able to use the spots lately.

One more thing I still have all my fingers and toes and last time I checked still breathing in and out which is a lot better than a lot of the folks I went to diabetic camp with.

Hi, I am brand new here and this is the first “group” discussion I read. I have been giving myself insulin for 42 years. I agree with a lot of you, but, for Siam, I just have to say that since I was newly diabetic, I considered myself a little better than everyone else, (almost everyone), because I HAVE to watch what I eat and how much I eat and even when I eat. There are many others who are not diabetic that eat a lot of garbage and way too much of it, to where it causes many other problems, just because they don’t have to care as much as we do. Hang in there. All of us here care about you, too.

it really is simple to notice that no one actually cares but it can be difficult to just accept it and become ur own support I have the exact same experience where I have also notice that my parents can’t help much or does take courage to just push through and hopefully I will thanks for the encouragement guys

iam the same way, i have skipped dr apts and i never want to check my sugars however i do have a device that checks my sugars every 2 mins its called dexcom and i dont have to check my sugars as much so it helps, i was diagnosed in 2004 of june and i have had a hard time since

I think feeling like a bother is just a part of having type one, but the feeling doesn’t always last. You will come across people that won’t care at all, diabetes or not, and you will come across people that will care about you, and being a part of this community, we all know what you’re going through and are here to offer support and advice, and share our own experience.
Recently I’ve had the pleasure of hearing my roommate say “November is diabetes awareness month, are we gonna have to deal with Alison talking about that shit?” when she thought I wasn’t home. These are the people that don’t care about what you’re going through, and you shouldn’t pay attention to them because they don’t matter- you and your health do.
I hope you’ve started to feel and do better since posting. I hope you’ve started taking better care of yourself because you deserve to be healthy despite everything. You deserve to be happy even though life has thrown you a hard ball. Just dealing with this disease every day is so hard, and to be surrounded by people who make it even harder, is just awful, but it doesn’t have to be.
Surround yourself with positivity and take care of yourself and I’m sure you will start to feel better. Remember that you are not a bother, your feelings are valid and you should be treated with respect when trying to express them- I’m glad you can at least express them here.