JDRF One Walk

We will be participating in our first One Walk this weekend. Wondering if anyone has some helpful tips: Should I bring some type of food for everyone?

How long do teams usually hang out at the event after?

Anything I should bring for the team (water bottles, snacks, etc)?

Thanks in advance!

Stephanie @Steff1081, I don’t know the location of the OneWalk this weekend, but if it is anything like the walks we hols in Bradenton / Sarasota Florida you should have plenty of effective sunscreen.

Water and handy glucose are essential to have with you at all times; my belt-pack always has granola bars, snack PB crackers and juice boxes. Here there are many local establishments that set up food tents [all complementary] with everything from donuts and coffee, fresh fruit, hot-dogs, hamburgers, water, soft drinks and just about any snacks imaginable. We set up “water tables” along the route and pass out bottled water.

Here for a 9:30 walk, people are gathering from 8:00 AM or before [I’m there for set-up through clean-up] for the social aspect and stay after for walking for awards. We have an entertainment stage as an attraction plus children’s jump-house and several other activities. I stay until I’m worn out.