Its Hard But I Must Stick Through

Hello I am Kasmere Trice. A 16 yr old junior , varsity cheerleader , vegetarian , gardening club member , e club memeber , mrs. student government , magnet theatre kid and i am involved in a lot. When i first found out i had diabetes i was really , really scared . And i was sad because overall i didnt want to have it . The whole time i was in shock and all of my friends were very supportive .


Even now i sometimes sit back and i get really sad because there really is alot we all have to go through . We are alot stronger than the average person because we have to deal with alot more on a daily basis .


I was diagnosed in march of 2010 . And i made this group incase anyone wants to tell me how the dealt with it .. or if they are still dealing with the shock and upsetness that comes with being diagnosed and just having type one diabetes in the first place .

Good for you for trying to keep a positive attitude. It isn't always easy to do, especially to someone so newly diagnosed.

I remember being in high school and being involved in everything, too. The days were long and the nights were short, but it was a lot of fun too. :o) Enjoy high school while you're in it. Once these days are gone, the only thing you have are your memories.

Eventually diabetes will work itself into your routine, and it will become a part of you. The sadness and grief will dissipate and balancing life with diabetes will be easier for you.

I wish you luck. You have found the best place to be for support and friendship. We are here for you :o)


omg i was diagnosed march 2010 too!!

and yah its soooo hard to keep from breaking down.. thankfully weve got friends and family to pick us back up



Thank you so much for making me feel welcome !! It really has been a struggle ! And its really hard having it in high school because your teachers are always telling everyone about you . And everyone is always watching you eat and telling you not to eat sugar . And no one really understands . You know ? Everyone thinks it will go away or that its because you eat alot of sugar . But i really am working through it with my family and with support from nice people like you ! :)

Really ?! That is so cool !! And it really iss ! Sometimes i will be really , really sad . And other times i will just be okay with it . But i think checking my blood sugar is worst than taking the shots sometimes !! lol . And yes , family , friends , and people like you make it all so much better and easier to deal with it :)


I just happened to be looking at people's pages and saw that Gina has a diabetes etiquette download.  I was able to print it off and it has a lot of things that people without diabetes should read.  I know how you feel when people are staring when you check your sugar, or have a comment about what your sugar is, and criticize what/how much you eat.  Unfortunately that's something you will probably always deal with.  People think they are being helpful even though they have no idea.  Just keep in mind that they mean well.  With this download you might be able to tactfully give it to people to look at.  I think I might hang it up in my work area at my job for the busy bodies I work with.


I was diagnosed with T1 three years ago as I finished college, and it has been an ongoing struggle to figure out the best ways to care for myself and to explain to my friends and family just what it is to have type 1 (not 2) diabetes. I can only imagine what it would be like to have been diagnosed while in high school. I was shocked, angry and very upset about the disease. I felt like it was my fault for having a crazy college diet and maybe partying a little too an gymnast and collegiate cheerleader, I have always excercised and eaten relatively well. My dr. told me it wasn't anything I did, and just my genetic makeup. My friends still get confused and suggest that I have type 2 and should not eat this or that, they ask me if i need my epi pen, or if they should get my insulin when I am having a low. I do my best to educate them with a smile and explain what I know about diabetes. It has helped to educate other people in that I feel like that way they will be understanding of other t1's they meet along the way.

After I was diagnosed I spent a summer at home living with my parents. I had incredible control of my sugars thanks in part to my parents checking in and excellent home cooking. In hindsight, I am so thankful to have had that time and my parents and friends support in dealing with my new disease. Out on my own  for the past two and half years it has been a lot more difficult. If I could make one suggestion it would be to use your time at home and while in school with a set routine to make diabetes and sugar conrol a habit so when you are ready to get out on your own diabetes is a 'normal' part of your life.

Also, it's so encouraging to read about another diabetic involved in all kind of activities. I love being busy and I loathe when people suggest that my being diabetic should hold me back. Continue to be involved; I have lived abroad, coached an all star cheer team, learned to rock climb and snowboarded 100+ day in a winter since I was diagnosed.

Sometimes I find myseld getting frustrated that other people don't have the extra annoyance of taking shots, going to the dr. or pricking their fingers. I most assuredly get bummer out and often wonder 'why me'. But at the same time diabetes makes us unique. It's the opportunity to perservere and it kind of makes me want to do more just to prove I can inspite of having to take insulin. 

I have never written any of this out. Thanks for the outlet and I hope in some way the it helps you out as it helps me to write it.



Wow ! Im sure it was hard to be diagnosed right before college too ! All on your own figuring it out ? I commend you for your bravery . And you were an all star coach , how was that ? And you are def. welcome for the outlet .

Hey Kasmere! I know it sucks sometimes, but for me I just knew that there were ways to deal with it and I would be able to live my life as full as I could. Every once in a while I just think "Why did I get this?" but I know theres some reason, mabye to help others like you who want tips and stuff like that, mabye its just to spread awarness, but whatever it is just hold on and stay strong.

Thank you so much for your insight ! It's hard not to get stuck into the "why me" complex of diabetes . Thank you so much for your kind works :)