High school

high school freaking sucks. i hate it. i cannot tell you how many people have told me the only reason i have friends and good grades is because of my diabetes and people feel sorry for me and is cheat with it. it's not fair. also, walking down the hall and people telling me there's a tumor on my arm is fantastic... any ideas on how to ignore the high school comments?

wow...the only thing diabetes-related i remember from high school was people thought i was a stoner because i talked about being high all the time... i can't believe people think you have friends because of diabetes, that's just weird lol. although come to think of it, my number of friends on facebook tripled the week of my diagnosis jk... i'd say just ignore it like everything else in high school.

yeah. it sucks. i hate it :/ but i guess you're right. just ignore it. thanks haha.

ps i was sent to the principles office once for saying i had to leave class cause i was high haha

people are just stupid! sometimes they just don't understand, and they have nothing better to do with themselves, so they bully you. I think since i have diabetes, I know more than anyone else, I have more to make a difference in the world. I usually just ignore it, and if it keeps continuing, tell them to back off.


Ruthoramaluvsoboes(Ruth Moore) ~diagnosed with T1 Diabetes March 23, 2011.

im still new at this;)

haha thank you. that really helps :] i've been a diabetic for almost 16 years now so i'm used to it

yay:) i hope it gets better for you! i would love to chat with you since you have A LOT more experience than i do:)

definitely! i'm a pro at this by now. send me a message if you need anything and i'm more than happy to answer any questions you have!!

thank you!(:

Easy.  Ignore them.  I know it's hard, but don't let it bother you.  As soon as you're out of high school your world will change and those with lesser minds will be gone.  *smile*  Having to learn and manage all the corners of diabetes makes you more mature...  Become a Certified Diabetes Educator and when those kids with big mouths are old, overweight, unhealthy and sick....  they're gonna be calling you, wanting your help.  Karma, how sweet it is.

god karma really is fantastic.

When people say things like that, it’s more about them than about you. Shallow people talk about other people to try to make themselves feel better. Rise above them my young friend. Search your soul and be confident in who you are as a person. It may seem important what your classmates think but high school is so temporary. You are wise beyond your years for what you’ve had to learn and endure. You have the capability to ignore these people and move on.