Is it normal?

So the other day my brother went to check his blood sugar before dinner and it was over 600 which the meter didnt give a specific number. So he pluged it into his pump and drank water and ate his dinner. He waited the 2 hours like his doctor told him to and then rechecked. To our surprise his blood sugar dropped to 40 something. My mom noticed after he checked that he was warm and clamy. So he took his fast acting carbs and checked again and then it was in range. Is it normal to be that high and drop so dramatically and feel all clamy?

Being on the pump will do that to him. I was on the pump for a while and my numbers were all over the place... I didnt like it to much... When your on a pump, you have to watch everything and constantly tweek things to make it seem right and what works best for him 

Might want to check the meter with its control solution or it might be because his hands are not clean, which sometimes causes the meter to show a high number because there might be something on the skin.

Hope this helps.

the xx person is right a pump can do that but it shouldnt after a while because you should have control and then it shouldnt happen as much but yes its normal 

Congratulations!  I remember being so nervous when my pump arrived andfeeling weird for the first couple of days.  But it didn't take long at all to adjust. 

For next week try to pick out a few "pump friendly" outfits that have pockets so you can access pump easily.  You'll get the hang of it quick. 

Yay! Welcome to the official world of pump therapy! It is AMAZING! You and Freeda will have great times!

CONGRATS! I've had my Ping for about three months and I LOVE it!

I think it's interesting that some people have to do the saline thing first.  It makes sense, as you get to practice without really messing anything up.  When I got mine, I spent a few days playing with it with a cartridge full of water, but not attached to my body.  Then after I learned the controls, I went to ther real training session where they made sure I knew the controls, how to set up the insulin, insert the infusion set, etc.  Then, off I went with my pump!