Hello everyone,

MY name is Arnold and I live in South Florida. I am new to this site, and it seems cool. I have had T1D for 35 years, and like everything else in life, you learn to expect things to happen, and you change and adapt to them.

I am hypoglycemic unaware, which is something which created problem, but is getting better. I had to find a new endo, because my previous Endo became frustrated with my numbers going all over the graph, and felt I would do better somewhere else. I found a new endo at Cleveland clinic Florida (in Weston), and with his assistance, my number have improved.

We are now working on getting my a1C down to 8.0. I presently run 9-4-9.9, which is a bit too high (yipes), and he feels that going lower than 8.0 would re-introduce the lows, which we are trying to prevent (and avoid). I am working on this really hard, and it goes slowly. One problem is snacking in the evening, but as I become more aware of what is best to eat, I get a better handle on this, and hope to get my numbers in a better range.