Insulin Pumps

My 22 year old son has had T1 Diabetes for 2 years and went on an insulin pump 18 months ago. He has a TSlim. The TSlim has been user friendly he has had good control averaging 140s (A1C consistently under 6.5). The pump malfunctioned the other day and automatically shut down as it is supposed to do. A pop up provided a phone number and error code. It was around 7pm on a Friday night. By 9am Saturday morning he had a replacement pump. TSlim customer service was excellent. He downloaded his old settings to their website so he could convert the new pump (refurbished) when it arrived. Of course the website was down for maintenance and he couldn’t access next day. We called the 24x7 customer service and they were able to pull the settings he downloaded and email in a PDF. There are a lot of pump choices and I just wanted to pass on that my son has had good performance with TSlim. The customer service in an emergency was very good. TSlim offers a back-up pump program I found out for vacations that they send you and you return after your trip as a safety net to something similar happening if you are out of pocket.

Hi @carryback,

Great news [TSlim’s response, not the pump shutdown] That the customer service was there for you/him and did what they did. I had very similar response from Medtronic - and incidentally it was about the same time on a Friday that I got an error code.

I too keep my pump settings on the manufacturer’s website, but I also keep a printed copy in my notebook. As a double surety especially critical for frequent travel is, that whenever I make a pump setting change I upload a complete set of settings to my cloud - Microsoft “One Drive”.

On the flip side of this, I had issues with my Tslim for months before Tandem finally sent me a new one. I’ve had a bunch of pumps over the years (Medtronic, Tandem, Deltec, Animas). Every company is pretty great when the pump breaks completely. The real test is what they do when it only sometimes malfunctions and doesn’t throw codes.