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I’m looking to see if anyone else has experienced this malfunction in a pump before. So back in 2015 I came off my Tslim insulin pump due to the fact that I was somehow getting insulin even though I wasn’t supposed to be. Even with everything set to 0 units I was still getting insulin. My then endo (retired to take care of his parents) had me go off and took the pump to test it out for himself as he was also Type 1. All throughout 2014 I was having bad lows. At first it was just because I was pregnant and in the first trimester. They stopped but then started up again after the birth which we took it as being normal at first. Until it became an everyday occurrence. We were going through glucagons and sometimes having to call an ambulance as I was passing out before I knew what was happening. That’s even with a Dexcom. It was like due to the delay it couldn’t keep up.

So that leads me to this question: have you ever had a pump malfunction like this? My endo even tried to talk to tech support and they wouldn’t even acknowledge the error happening. This also made it why I stopped with Tslim. It took me two years to go back to a pump at all. I went back on Omnipod like I was originally on with no issues.

It is a shame that the T-Slim folks did NOT immediately tell you to stop using the pump and send you a replacement. A crying shame.

A few years ago on a Friday evening I suspected something similar to that was happening with my Minimed pump and I placed a call to Medtronic; after about a 20 minute discussion with a technician I was told to disconnect the pump and go to “backup”. About 8:15 the next morning, an Express driver delivered me a replacement pump and I returned the questionable one. Within two weeks of my call, every registered user of that model pump received a letter advising what to observe and now that subject is addressed, in bold font, in the User Guide.

Sorry about the bad experience. i am with @Dennis, when in doubt and low disconnect - when in doubt and high use a syringe.

Most pumps have safety protocols that prevent unintended insulin delivery, but I happen to design automatic systems and I knwo first hand that anything that can fail will fail, and typically at the worst possible moment.

That being said I have never had a pump deliver when it wasn’t supposed to, however, I have had many lows.

about every 3-7 years, my body starts making insulin again. I have had T1 for 37 years and this is unpredictable and weird…but happens. I went 7 days without having to bolus - the way I found out was I bolused for a big meal and had a 5+hour low. each time I used the bolus I was low and occasionally overnight (when my basal program is higher,) I would go low. I put my cgm back on and watched that dumb thing “flatline” right through meals and all with zero bolus insulin. Made me happy and sad at the same time.

My brother is a doctor and we joked about being “cured”, and of course I know better. As predicted, eventually and without warning I had to start right back up again. oh well “working pancreas”, see you in another 3-7 years.

Also, once I knew what was happening I did enjoy a little pizza and ice cream during this time. I considered sending my data to Dr. Faustman, who predicted that islet beta cells can regenerate, but then are subsequently re-attacked by my immune system.

all I am saying beyond the story, (and all joking aside for a moment) is the proof is in the disconnect: if you disconnect and are still low, it’s time to consider all other possibilities.

Hi Joe
I have a similar thing happen a couple times a year if I push myself to much and then have one or two days of nonstop lows. I don’t think my pancreas is kicking in but the build up of stress but I could be wrong. I’ve had type one for 48 years. My younger brother had that after he was first diagnosed at age 5 then at 7 he went off insulin for 2 months. They’re doing studies with countering the immune system when the pancreas islet cells are first being attacked with good success. You may be a great candidate for that. Who knows maybe the week will turn to forever.