Insulin Pump Reccomendations

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I’ve been a type 1 for 9 years, and I got my pump in 2015. There’s a 4 year deal on it, but that may be up sooner than expected because Animas recently went out of business. I am looking at pumps now, just in case they stop selling supplies at a random point. My dad really likes Medtronic because they’re a good company and he’s worked with them before. I just want one with the option of the Dexcom connection, but I don’t have a lot of experience with pumps. Any recommendations?

@hamilton_crazi, hi Kathryn

they are all good and they are all pretty much the same (pump, controls, bolus, basal) I use a Medtronic pumps, and they’ve been fine for the last 13 years.

Direct integration with Dex will not be medtronic, because medtronic develops and use a different CGM - so I guess you have to figure out if a direct connection is a want or a need.

You can use a Dex CGM with or without any pump including medtronic, with a separate receiver or with a bluetooth app and a phone.

of the pump companies - Medtronic is the strongest (last time I looked at financial statements maybe 2 years ago) only because they make so many other products.

there are many people who love and hate different types of pumps and are vocal about it, you can look if you want but there’s nothing definitive about an opinion. good luck.

My daughter who is 20 had the Medtronic for 12 years and changed about a year ago to the Omnipod pump because she learned about it at college from someone in her College Diabetes Network Chapter. She likes it because there is no tube, and it’s actually pretty small. She also chose to switch so she could use the Dexcom sensor. She loves it too and can see her bg on her apple watch at all times. Good luck.

Hello-- I was on a mini med from 2004 - 2017? I then switched to Tandem, which does intergrade with the Dexcom – my daughter is also a type 1 and is on the same, and its wonderful because it all comes on the pump and I can cell phone stalk her and her sugars.

Tandem has been amazing to work wit, and as an added bonus they are local to me (San Diego) and all pumps are machines and can have breakdowns. Mine did and I was able to go in person to pick up my replacement – my minimed took a few days due to shipping, even with the overnight shipping I once had to go back to shots for 3 days… ugh

So Tandem for me, I’ve been really impressed with the entire thing – ask me any questions

Genavive @Gena_mcl,
I’m really happy to read your positive review of the Tandem and Dexcom working well together. My first MiniMed was prescribed in 2004 [also] and that is what I’ve used ever since and have had great service; my replacement pump was delivered by 8:15 the morning after I called Medtronic with a “disaster code”.
I’ve recently met with representatives of both Tandem and Dexcom and have decided that combination [with the new Dex G6] is what will be best for me; now I just need Medicare and United Health to agree - my endocrinologist said she will prescribe those devices.

Hi @sassy2016, the Dexcom g5 and now the G6 work as well with Medtronic pumps as they do with the Omnipod.

You’re going to like it — its a little different than the minimed, it did take me a few weeks to get used to it, but now that I am on it, I couldn’t go back!
One of the weirdest things I like is the infusion sets – they are single use insertion sets, no need to carry an inserter – I once lost my blue insetion thing for mini med and had to manually insert, and I had one epic panic attack (I’m afraid of needles!) but I did it, so when this became a thing I loved it-- I also liked an insufsion set they no longer carry that had a 360 way to inset, but that’s not a thing.
Something you will want for your dexcom is grif grips — order them wither on amazon or from them directly (more variety with them) but dexcom can become lose with a lot of activity, especially swimming!! And I wear mine on my leg, my daughter will only do hers in her tummy.

Thanks Genavive for the tips. And Welcome to TypeOneNation - happy to have you join us.

I became familiar with aoo, well most, of the Tandem operations by loading the Tandem t-slim app on my tablet and played with it there for a few days duplicating information used on my MiniMed. something I like about Tandem is that pump software can be updated on-line as algorithms improve.
Although my pump warranty expires next month [May 14] Medicare insists that I make it work for 12 more months.
I’ve had to change quick-Set infusion sets a few times without the blue inserter - first time was on a long flight when my set got dislodged when stowing luggage - I didn’t know if I’d get it in.

Thanks, I initially joined because my daughter is a type one too, and she was looking to make friends, and I was on JDRF… saw this and thought I’d take it for a test drive.

I think that’s horrible they are making you wait. I’m sorry. Hopefully you’ll get all set up soon.

Hi Genavive!
You have a beautiful name by the way :wink: The Tandem looks interesting and like it would work very well. I was wondering how much it cost for you. Did your insurance cover a lot of it? I’d love to hear more about it. If you’d be willing to email me, my email is
Hoping we can talk soon!

I have not heard anyone speak of the Omni pump. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 30 years and have tried them all. I like the Omni pod because as of right now it is the only wireless pump… meaning no tubing. I like Medtronic as well and have heard good things but again the tubing didn’t work for me with small children. I also used the dexcom with it. I have never had any issues and their customer service people have always been very polite and helpful.


Thank you Kim @Kimh393 for clearing up your “wireless” statement. OK, The Pod has wireless functions and does not use tubes.
The MiniMed [Medtronic] pump I got in 2004 was wireless and came with a remote control fob about the size of a large pocket watch - yes years ago I used a pocket watch. A caregiver could use the fob to remotely suspend or restart the pump and to administer a bolus; also, basal rates could be set on a large computer screen [could see a whole day at a glance] and transmitted to the pump.

YES, all completely wireless.

That’s very interesting because I was told there are no other wireless pumps on the market. When I spoke to my Diabetes dr and the companies when I was searching for a new one when my warranty expired they said there are no other wireless devices out at this time. I may have to make some phone calls.

@Kimh393 hi Kim,

there is a lot of confusion about wireless and “tubeless” both are fuzzy concepts.

A POD, Omnipod by Insulet corporation is called “Tubeless” but is certainly has a tube under the shell. They call it tubeless because the whole pump gets glued to your body. There is most certainly a tube, connecting the pump to the infusion needle, but it’s just covered or concealed by the pump shell. I always hated they way they market the POD, because it’s confusing.

The Pod’s PDM, which controls the pump, is “wireless” and communicates with the pump.

most pumps and CGM have “wireless” functions and features, as @Dennis was talking about. . This currently includes Minimed and Dexcom, and others. They are wireless. in the way they send and receive information and commands. The “tubes” with the Minimed and Tandem T’Slim, are not concealed.

hope this helps

Hello and welcom @hamilton_crazi -

FWIW, I wear a Minimed 532 and use a Dexcom G4 - both are nearing the end of their warranty periods so I’m shopping. The Medtronic 630g system looks enticing (I’ve been using Medtronic products since 2000), but my first 2 years’ experience with the Medtronic CGMS, the sensor specifically, was really, really poor and has me leery of trusting their tech. I’m going to look into the Tandem, thanks for the recommendation @Gena_mcl !

Best of Health,


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My son has the Tandem tSlim pump and the biggest advantage is that the updates are pushed out via download. In addition their closed loop system with the G6 will be the best system on the market. It will not only correct the basal for lows, but also bolus for highs. If you were to get the tSlim, you would simply have to plug it into your computer and upgrade it. Their customer service is top notch as well. My son was recently in the hospital and they called to check on him. I simply cannot say enough about the company. We had two of his inserts fall off and they sent us a brand new box.

Hi Kathryn, I love my omnipod and Dexcom and Insulet corp (Omni Pod) are working on a combination of the two. But I use my Omni Pod and Dexcom CGM together. Check out Omni Pod it is wireless and tubeless and you can put it anywhere, I wear my pod on my back because I have so much tissue damage after 60+ years of injections. I am not limited as to where I can put my pump. It is the size of hard boiled egg cut in half lengthwise, fully contained, change it every 3 days. No tubes no wires and the PDM(controller) is a separate unit put in your pocket, purse anywhere, you can even swim with it . Great little pump. had mine for 6+ years. Let me know if I can help Jan

I currently use Medtronic, but am thinking of switching to a Tamdem. I tried the Omnipod, but had trouble with the adhesive. I react to all of the adhesives, but theirs was the worst of the bunch for me. It tore my skin when I removed the sample pod they gave me to try and that was with a skin barrier. So, I won’t use the Omnipod. Just something to consider!

I am a new Medicare patient,age 65, type 1 x 60 years. The Minimed Medtronic pumps have been wonderful for me. Medicare will not cover the CGM for the new Medtronic 630g pump/The 670g would have been what I wanted, again Medicare doesn’t cover .The Dexcom G5 is supported by Medicare and mine is ordered . Dexcom is a wonderful company and I am looking forward to the accuracy of the Dexcom g5.

OMNIPOD AND DEXCOM ALL THE WAY!!! 100% agree with sassy2016! I’ve been using Omnipod for almost 9 years and have NEVER considered switching or coming off the pump! I was super active in high school with color guard and dance and currently am a senior in nursing school and the no tubing and smaller size is a lifesaver (literally :joy:)

Highly recommended contacting Omnipod for them to send you a demo pod to wear and try it out for the 3 day wear time. Promise you will love love love the pod