Insulin Pen versus Pump

In the daily challenge to manage my Diabetes, I have tried the Pump (10 years ago) and been on G4, G5, G6
I have learned from them a great deal.
In the last years or so. My balance changed and found myself to correct more often

Just after waking up before BF
In the middle of the day
Mostly the hardest time are post-dinner and overnight

By trial error I developed 6 different custom scales to make it happen.
I use an Inpen, and I’m trying to improved my A1c without having to revert to the pump, which to me is a more challenging management due to my active life.

I have made improvement, confinement at home helped, as I was able to focus on proper time and correction at home with no more impromptu meetings.

My A1c went from 8.5 to 7.6
I turned the clock back 14 years…
Went up the last three month and regaining some in the last 5 weeks.
I love to talk about, or share about the journey and things I had to look for, as the one thing we can’t take vacation from is our DDM (Daily Diabetes Management).

Hi @Devickdd and welcome to the forum. Many people do well on shots - sometimes better than on a pump - and may prefer them for various reasons. I’m impressed that you have determined 6 different dashes that work for various situations - well done! When people come to the forum asking about starting pump therapy I try to recommend they not completely discount injections - they are a valid option and worth considering.

Thanks Dorie for sharing.

Thank you! Looking forward to your insights on any topics.

Hi @Devickdd welcome to TypeOneNation. The first rule of medicine is “ if what you are doing is working, then keep doing it “

I could never get my long acting insulin right and that’s 1 of 2 reasons why I pump, but that doesn’t mean pumping is right for everyone.

I am glad MDI is your thing and it’s working so well for you. Cheers and keep up the great work.

Hi. You didn’t say if your pumping experience included a time on an insulin pump that was integrated with a CGMS, such as the Tandem/G6 combo. I had about 16 years on MDI before changing to a pump in 2001. I used a “dumb pump” until 2018. In 2018 I started DIY Loop - “hacked” Medtronic pump with Dexcom G6. In 2020 I migrated to Tandem t:slim CIQ with Dexcom G6. As I went through those phases, my A1Cs generally followed this pattern: low 8s->low 7s->mid 6s->6. For me, the CGMS-integrated insulin pump is the best way to get the control I want. It also provides me with better quality of life by reducing the mental load of T1D and providing better sleep. If a person can afford an integrated solution, it can be a significant game changer in their diabetes management. You might like to check out Christel Oerum, “Diabetes Strong,” on the Internet and Facebook. She is a fitness person who prefers MDI and has written a number of posts about adjusting MDI for active people.


Hi Mike

First thanks for the tips, I will look into Christel’s Facebook.

When I was using the pump Medtronic
It was pre Dexcom 4.
It was the pump only with the usual pricking finger pre Bolus

I had challenges with to regular occlusions and having to replace the tubing more often than I liked to.

I did start with G4 few years later and work my way to the G6.
Great improvements in setting up the sensor, Analytics Reports available and dual use of the Receiver and App.
But I have reservations when one runs low (below 80)
The G6 get stuck in low range despite my sugar intake to correct and my meter showing that I’m at 110 now.
The G6 could remain below 80 for 30 to 40 minutes, adding stress with its high pitch beeping without the innate stress to read a low reading for this long.

Thanks for sharing

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