Pump users

Hi, I use injections pens but would love to have a pump for many reasons.
I've looked into them and seen videos on how to use them, the equipment needed and the attention they need. All i've ever heard about them is how life changing and brilliant they are but understand that they aren't for everyone and need a lot of care.
So i'm writing this to ask everyones opinion on them :)
What are they like to deal with?
Are they better than injecting 4 times a day?
Is all the calculating any harder than using injection pens?
Has it changed your life for the better?
What are the downsides?
What's your general comments about having a pump? :)

It would be lovely to hear what you think.

(hope i'm posting this in the right place)

Check out the book "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh.

I did shots for 25 years and have used a pump almost 10.  They really are lifechanging.  Shots weren't flexible enough for me.  I did about 5 a day but still had A1cs in the high 8s.  I developed hypoglycemia unawareness and would have died if my husband hadn't saved me from a few middle of the night lows.  With the pump I've effortlessly gotten my A1c down to a 6.5 and rarely have lows anymore.  Because of the pump I had a healthy pregnancy and because I was hypervigilent had a 5.1 A1c.  


Pumps have a base dose of insulin that covers what your body needs if you're not eating.  I've fasted for 24 hours with normal blood sugars!  

It's easy to correct  a slight high, like 130.

Insulin is given in .025 of a unit so you can get exactly what you need.

They have a bolus wizard, so you can enter your blood sugar and carbs eaten and pump calculates the insulin for you.

You can fight a low by turning off your pump.  I rarely have lows anymore (maybe 2 or 3 a month, instead of that many a day.)



Cost.  I couldn't afford to pump without insurance.

Having enough skin for infusion sites.  After 10 years of pumping my skin is pretty used.  If you're thin or petite this is more of an issue.

The beach or pool.  It's doable with a pump, but is not as easy as without.

Before getting a pump I thought it would be difficult to have something attached to me all the time.  Turned out to not be a big deal.  If you can afford to do it, I would try a pump.  You could always go back to shots if you don't like it.

I'll be sure to look for that book :)

How scarey about the lows in the night! Thank god for your husband dealing with it, must have been awful. But that's great the pump has improved everything a lot :)

Thanks so much for the detailed info I really appreciate it, it's helped a lot and made me want one even more!

Thanks again<3