Insulin cost increase

My brother was on humalin R500. His blood sugar was finally under control after years of feeling bad. Blue Cross Blue Shield moved his insulin to a tier three category. He now is unable to afford the insulin that finally gave him his life back. No one at the insurance company could help. They told us there were so many different policies that they could not answer our questions. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Ask BCBS for any equivalents. If they don’t have a reasonable option, your bro can ask his doctor to make a case for medical necessity to override BCBS policy.

If he is not on Medicare you can call the company and they can provide some patient assistance with paying for the insulin. Unfortunately if you are on Medicaid or Medicare they are not allowed to assist. Good luck!

if you call them and yell at them and say that he needs to be on human R500 because other insulins make him feel bad and don’t lower his blood sugar they will switch him to it… my insurance randomly switched me to humalog from novolog and the insulin didn’t work for me so we called and b***hed them out and they put me back on novolog

Hi Wende @wprummage,
We are all aware of the high price of insulin; thankfully I was able to pay my $400.00 co-pay last month for three vials of Humalog.

Attached below is a link to an article posted last week by DiaTribe [an information site I trust] that explains several ways to get assistance paying for diabetes supplies and insulin; I have not yet had to use any of these sources so I can not give personal insite. It is a lot of work but should be valuable.

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I have heard that Regular insulin can be bought at Walmart without a prescription for $25.00. My daughter did that when she was between jobs. She was also on an insulin pump. Something to consider when money is tight.