Insulet's Educational App for Kids

Hi all! I am sister and granddaughter to family members with T1D as well as a biomedical engineering student at Olin College. For my senior design project, I’m on a team that is working to improve/expand Insulet’s new app: Toby’s T1D Tale (currently available only on iPad). It is intended to educate newly diagnosed children (ages 4-10) about T1D, as well as their caregivers. Over the year, we’ll be looking to get feedback on the current app as well as on our prototypes. We’re also looking to gain some general insight on the lives of kids with t1d and their siblings, friends, and caregivers.

My team would really appreciate feedback on the app (available for free on the App Store). If you or your child(ren) would be willing to do an interview with us that would be even better!

Please comment below or send me a personal message if you’re willing to help out.