Insalin Dosage

I get my insalin at 8:30 am and 6:00 pm and then at 8:30 pm. I used to get 2 needles @ 6:00 but my blood sugar got them spaced out so im definetely not used to it . last night and right now i forgot my last needle at 8:30 pm. Do you have ways to remember???

 Im getting a watch but otherwise please tell me more ways.

XO hugs and kisses OX,

Sarah (!__!)


Hey Sarah,

I find that keeping a note book with all you dosages and when you took them works fantastic, also setting alarms works well.  Do not worry soon enough you will be giving shots, not even thinking about it!

Yay thanks very much Jess

If you have a smart phone or ipad type device you could put it in your notes or even in the calendar. I know that the iphone you can put as many things as you want on one day at any time.