Daylight Savings Time and Injections

Ok since today is the day we change back to Standard Time, we lose an hour and adjust our insulin schedules accordingly. In four months we change those schedules again and back to DST.  How do you manage this change? What prompts do you use to ease into, or jump into the time difference? An hour is longer than I care to let slide on my long acting insulin, and I use alarms on my cell to remind me when I am due for an injection. So this twice a year change for me is really unhelpful at best, and very annoying each time it pops its ugly head up. Thoughts ?


I guess I never thought of it like this before. And now that I use a pump that is really a concern. If your useing your phone for prompts then just follow your prompts and moniter your BG closely for a while. Otherwise you would want to ease into the time differance slowly which would turn in a pain I think.

Good luck to you.

You can either choose to make the transition to standard time or keep taking your shots on the old schedule.  I used to deal with this a lot when I traveled for my job.  Usually I just tried to stay on my current time zone, no matter where I flew in the US.