How do you remember to take a shot or bolus?

Hi my name is Anna and I've had diabetes for 7 years so far. I am recently dealing with the problem of forgetting to take a shot/bolus. (I've been on both the pump and the pen and this has happened.) I'm always about to take the shot and then my attention is diverted elsewhere and so then I forget. I been dealing with this problem for awhile and I was wondering if you guys have and solutions.

well i used to always forget to take my shots too. and it got to the point were my mom wouldnt let me leave unless i took it. so when i got on the pump i was also forgetting but it was harder for my mom to enforce. i dont know what pump you used but on my pump i can set alarms for when i breakfast, lunch and dinner.

so i suggest you could try an alarm like on you pump or phone or somethingg.

I'm pretty much in the habit of always injecting when I eat. Breakfast? Shot. Lunch? Shot. Supper? Shot. Snack? Depends on what the meter says, but usually a shot then too.

on my pump i can have a reminder thing that let's me know i need to do something. even if it's to just turn on a show i want to watch. it's kinda nifty. haha yeah um forgetting to bolus yeah i'd use an alarm or something.

I've definitely forgotten to take shots before. The biggest one was my basal insulin, and back when I was on shots, my nighttime insulin. You get really into something in the evening, like a TV show or a video game, and all of a sudden your brain skips over doing something Really Important.

What I would suggest is a list. Even if it's something as diabolically simple as:

[   ] Check Blood
[   ] Take Bolus
[   ] Eat

Check of each box as you do it. You check your blood. Cool. Check. Oops, someone is talking to you or something catches your attention. Afterwards, go back to the list. Ah! Bolus. Check! Now, to eat!

Doing this for a little while will get you into the habit of doing it in your head, if this is something that'll work for you. Once you get in that head space, it'll be rare that you forget again!

I set up reminders on my PDM, that way i force myself to check and or bolus or else that thing wont stop beeping at me! Lol! Also, after a while with diabetes, it comes to you mind to check just like it comes to your mind to eat, or brush your teeth in the morning..

I to forgot to give my daughter her bolus but the doctor told me to give it to her before she ate and now I don't forget so much try this it works.

ok the problem I have with the pump reminders is that after awhile I just ignore them. They work for about 2 weeks then I just automaticaly turn them off.

[quote user="Anna "]

ok the problem I have with the pump reminders is that after awhile I just ignore them. They work for about 2 weeks then I just automaticaly turn them off.


Well maybe there needs to be more will from yourself (no offense intended at all sorry), if reminders themselves are not enough. Try by remembering that you life depends on it, that helps me.. also once you start checking and doing what you need to do more often, it will come to your mind to do it even without reminders. :)

yeah your right cesar.... and don't worry I've heard it before. I've tried to fix it too, with putting post-it notes everywhere, putting my test kit and shots in really obivious places and even had my log book right next to my spot at dinner. I think I just need to get it through my head that "my life depends on it." and nothings going to change. thanks

first of all, as you've probably noticed, forgetting to bolus can happen to anyone regardless of how long we've been diagnosed.  However, what I find to be the only approach that pretty much works for me is that whenever I eat, I check my BS.  Whenever I check my BS, I have the habit of staring at my pump.  I don't know why I stare at the pump, it's as if I think that it will give me some random reading that wasn't what the meter read, LOL.  Anyway, looking at the number makes me remember that I have to bolus right away since I usually wait a couple of minutes after bolusing to eat anyway, and if its just for a correction, well, when I see it's above 120 I just press my handy buttons and voila!

I never forget my novalog since I don't let myself eat until I take it.  I did forget a few times when I was low and meant to give it right when I was done eating but forgot about it..oops!  As for my Lantus, I set an alarm on my phone to remind me.  I always have my phone on me so I don't forget.  If you have a problem with getting used to alarms and having them not be effective try changing the alarm every couple of weeks or so so you don't get too used to the same alarm.

Hi Anna !

When I was on Pen I forgot to take bolus regullary (or take it too late), but now that I am on pump I always take... Good thing is that if I would forget I could look at pump and see if I already took it. When I was on Pens, I sometimes not only forgot to take it, bit also forgot if I had taken it.... I am in quite stresfull job and sometimes when I was working I just simply forgot...