Injections before the pump

I have been doing insulin injections for a little over a month now. I am already sick of it and ready to get a pump. How long did you do insulin injections before going on a pump?

19 years.  Good question!

I did injections for around 6 years before I got a pump when I got to 7th grade, which I've used for 11 or so years now. But when I was diagnosed (17 years ago) pumps were still kinda "new", at least where I live, and doctors/insurance companies weren't sure how little kids would do with them.

If you want to try a pump I would go for it! I didn't do injections b/c I wanted to, or b/c I didn't want a pump, just mostly b/c that's all I could do.

I injected for about 20 years before I tried the pump the first time.  I am still injecting after two tries with a pump:(

16years but i went back to shots after 3months on the pump.

MDI for 35 years (1973-2008); I suppose it wasn't really MDI since way back then, the method of treatment only involved one injection per day, then I eventually went to two, then four...

Pump for almost 2 years.  I can't imagine ever wanting to go back to MDI, but who knows what the future may hold!

6 months. I love my pump!

I was on injections for 1.5 years exactly before going on pump therapy.  I do enjoy the pump better.

22 years!  Once I switched to the pump, I had expected a huge sense of relief from injections, but that never came as the pump is an entirely new set of challenges and responsibilities.  Before you switch, your numbers should be really stable and you need a really good understanding of carb counting.

I was on injections for 2 1/2 months before I got my pump.  I thought it would be much longer as I was really scared to make the jump to being connected to something all the time.  But my brother (who had been diabetic for 13 years at the point) was on a pump, and after having a few dinners out with him and being SUPER jealous of the flexibility he had with what he ate and how he excercised, I called my doc and the Medtronic rep right away! It was the best decision I ever made. 

Thanks so much everyone for replying! The advice is very helpful too. :-)

I was only on shots for 6 months, thank goodness. My first endo tried to tell me that I had to get my A1c under 6 with injections before I could be granted a pump (...riiiiiiggght), so instead of waiting I just switched to a doctor that's more up to date on the benefits of the pump and she approved it for me on my first appointment.

If your endo's cool, you should research into which pump you would like and get set up with a local representative from that company. They can give you all the resources you need to get the ball rolling with your doctor and insurance.

I was on injections for 9 1/2 years and pumping for 5.

I was on injections for 55 years before the pump.  I am really HAPPY now.

injections~~~10 years,        pump~~~11 years

A year and 4 months. Could've been a year (that's pretty much standard at my clinic) except I wasn't able to inject on my own-- had to get past that fear before I could move on.

i  was n shot for 7 years and than want on the pump and have been on i for 5 years

10 years MDI, almost 11 pumping.

8 going on 9 months. Trying to get my a1c down and keep track so I qualify for a pump.

I was only on injections for a month or two.  My first vist to my endo we talked about the pump and I got put on it right away.  I love my pump.