Injecting spots

I’ve been injecting on my thighs and abdomen and i felt to inject to some new place cause these places are getting older. Its been 3 years

top of the butt, back of the arms, but with injections it can be tough to reach these places. if you google “insulin infusion sites” there are great examples. might be easier with pens. good luck.

I appreciate it thank you

I don’t have that much flesh on my “love handles” , (at least when I’m eating right and exercising) , so I also got tired of always having red spots there. A couple of years ago I just started injecting in my butt cheeks, anywhere is fine, there’s plenty of meat there. I usually just time my bathroom visits to before or slightly after I eat and drop my pants and do it there. I use the smallest pen needle possible for my Humalog quick pens - about 1/4", so I can just stab it in. In the summer, when I have shorts on, it’s even easier, I just put a leg up on something and inject at the bottom of my butt cheek.
Sometimes I do the underside of my upper arms out of convenience. I usually will rest the arm on something so the fleshy part is loose.

I’ve been using insulin pens for 8 years now - since I was diagnosed - and have tried just about everywhere. Hope this helps.