Where do you give your injections?

Hey. My doctor said to give injections in my stomach. I rotate sides, he says to go around the top of your bellybutton in a rainbow shape. I have been doing that. The other day, it looked like I have been getting a little fat area on my stomach but I am very skinny so I didn't think it was fat. Then my mom felt my stomach and said it was just bruises and knotts and fat tissue buildup from giving shots near the same area. I have been diagnosed since August 13, 2010 and I was doing my arm and legs for a long time. But they are swollen up too... I don't really know another place to give shots. My hips dont have enough meat/ skin to grab so I can't do it there. My mom tried injectiong it in my butt (the top of it) but it just feels uncomfortable. :( I don't know anywhere else to give injections. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?!

I was on shots for 10 years before I went on my pump, and I had a lot of scar tissue. The best advice I can give is rotate. Both arms, Both legs, both sides of stomach. . . repeat. It takes a long time for it to heal up. If you can go on a pump I would recommend it, I still have scar tissue, but because I'm not injecting as much, there is less of it. Make sure to rotate on your legs/arms/stomach too, kind of like the rainbow shape on your stomach, but in your legs it could be more like a spiral i guess. . . . start in the middle and work your way out. One of the diabetic educators I talked to said to inject on the outer side of your legs, she said it is supposed to hurt less there? idk, I have yet to try it. Good Luck, hopefully something helps =)

Talk to your doctor.  Sounds like you might be having some sort of allergy or absorption issues.  Are you using an insulin pen?  May need to use a longer needle.  

I did shots for 25 years (5x a day for the last 10) and didn't have the problems you've had.  Primarily used my stomach, which was nice and flat until I had a baby.   Try anywhere you can reach, including your arms.  You might also consider an iPort, which allows you to use the same site for a day or so.  

Thanks for the advice! I tried the side of my legs and it worked. The doctor said the scar tissue would go away after about 6 months. Its gone away very little but still goin down.

Thanks for the advice! I dont have allergy or anything. On my stomach, I have a 5 inch scar above my bellybuttin, which makes it hard to find spots that dont have tissue build-up. But i have been doing my hips and near my scar a little. Thanks :)

I find in my thighs is good and its less ugly in the summer when in bathing suits and such!