Infusion site reaction

So I have an Animas Onetouch ping insulin pump and I have been getting these rash/ scars on my infusion site. They always itch. Does anyone else have this problem?

i have a terrible allergy to adhesive. insulin pumps have always done this to me (and bandaids, CGMS, IVs....). I haven't found any way around it for me, but there are several good tips out there to help prevent/treat the reaction.

Call Animas and also mention it to your doctor to see what they recommend.

Do you use an IV prep (it's like an alcohol swab, but is kind of sticky)?  Sometimes those can protect the skin.  I've also heard of just cleaning the infusion site are with soap and water, not rubbing alcohol, before putting a new site in so the skin doesn't dry out too much.

I have a big reaction. I swell up, it becomes infected itchy, sore to the touch. I have to constantly change it. I use the stainless steal needles because the plastic ones made everything worse. I have a big scar on my lower back and all over my tummy. I often do not get insulin because it builds up. However, i much prefer this than MDIs. i make sure the area is very clean, clean hands and then use a skin prep.

Best of luck!!