Incredible Technology: Ford Motor Co., GM Onstar & CGMs!  

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to share that I was interviewed & featured in a new online article regarding Ford's collaboration with driving and diabetes health, as well heart attacks, asthma, etc.  I know many of you already know about this amazing advancement, but please click the link above, the article is so cool!!!


that sounds really awesome..but what about those of us with the dexcom? =(

Switch to Medtronic ;)

It is amazing how technology can connect now. Congratulations on being featured in the article Hayley, very cool! :)

This would be pretty effin' cool if they make it happen.

How the heck did you get yourself in there Hailey?!  You're big time now.

Thanks everyone!  

My mom commented on one of their other stories regarding Ford's collab. with Medtronic, and they really liked her comment and showed it to one of the top technology researchers, who must've passed on the word to Bloomberg.  Either way, it is very exciting!  When I was newly diagnosed, I was featured on a couple of my local TV news shows, as well. :)