I'm pregnant!

Yay!! After a year and a half of trying we are pregnant!! I took two urin pregnancy tests this morning which both came back positive, and had my blood drawn this morning as well with my fertility dr and just got off the phone with them and my HcG level was a 116.2 (They wanted at least a 50 to be considered pregnant!)

I'm only telling a few close friends and family since I'm only 4 weeks because I want to wait until the first trimester is over so I thought I'd share the good news with all of you! :)

I havent had any diabetes related side effects yet (knock on wood) just some cramping (I hope thats normal?) Any advice would be helpful for early stage of pregnancy for a first timer here!!  Thanks :)


Congrats!!! That is so exciting:)

Congratulations!  Have you gotten to hear the baby's heart beat yet?  If not, ask at your next appointment.  Until I was expecting I had no idea the baby's heart beats by the 4th week!  

So excited for you!! Keep us posted on your new lil’ addition :slight_smile:

Chelsea!!! I am so happy for you!! I just knew you were preggo! Congrats! I feel like you are a family member and I want to hug you...

The first trimester is a tricky one. I didn't experience any lows like some other people. But that is something you should lookout for. I was actually  fine until the 8th week and then I got horrible morning sickness. It lasted till 19 weeks. The put me on anti nausea pills because I could not hold anything down. My doctor didn't want me to dehydrate which is why he gave it to me as soon as he knew I could t hold anything down.  Don't suffer if it happens to you. Trust me.

Congrats again!!

Thank you everyone!! We are beyond excited!!

Jennagrant- No, I haven't heard the heartbeat. We only had the blood test done today. I go in next Thursday for another blood test to see if my hCg level is increasing, and the following week for the ultrasound.  So I have another two weeks until I'll actually get to even see anything! This is all with my fertility doctor and once I hit my 8 week mark I'll be released back to my ob/gyn.

Gina-Thank you!! There has been a good amount of tears today (all happy of course!) I still feel like this isn't happening.. I don't have very many symptoms right now (hungry ALL the time, some cramping, and a little tired) but thats about it...I know i'll totally kick myself for saying this, but I kind of hope I start feeling a little sick soon so I'll feel this is actually happening-lol-


Congrats, honey. So happy for you and beforehand welcome tou your lil one.

Chelsea - Congrats!! What a blessing!! Enjoy every minute of it - I am currently jsus shy of 25 weeks and it seems like I just found out yeterday.  :)  For me, I didn't have many lows.  I had to increase some of my basal and bolus rates at 8 weeks, but that was about it.  I think I literally slept through the first trimester - I was soo tired come week 6.  I never got sick but there were times the nausea hit me hard. I had a hard time eating anything due to that and because I had food avoidance.  When I would make myself eat, I often felt better - imagine that!  Other than that - I had no other symptoms. I was sooo nervous before each and every appointment because I didn't feel or look pregnant - but hearing the heartbeat in the early stages, and the ultrasounds confirmed it all.  I remember seeing my little Jellybean at 7weeks, 5 days for the first time and hearing that heartbeat - tears of joy streamed my face. Just take it day by day and you'll be fine!!  I'm excited for all you will get to experience!

Congrats again!

- Crystal V