If you

Could tell anything to teens about how you feel about JDRF what would you want to say?


I'm doing a speech for my speech class on JDRF, and I'd love some opinons from other teens.

It's very difficult to feel normal around people who aren't diabetic. Especially when they don't understand how it works.  

It's really frustrating when people won't listen to you when you try to explain diabetes to them.... and they keep saying things like"well, it''s your own fault for eating so much junk food"  or "If you got a little exercise it would go away"  or "you're not fat so you can't have diabetes, your doctor is wrong."

I think it's great that JDRF is there, not just for research to try to make life a little bit easier for us, but also to work as advocates for us, to correct the stigma about diabetes.... and to inform the general public...

diabetes is one of those diseases that everybody think they know a lot about, when in reality they hardly know what it's like.  i had a coach that thought gestational diabetes and type one were pretty much exactly the same.  i told her that they weren't b/c 1. nine months is no comparison to an entire lifetime 2. eating healthy doesn't quite manage it 3. the affects of insulin to a person's body and she didn't have to take shots all the time..