I Want to Retire!

I was just put on the new Medtronic 670G 4 months ago. The Medtronic Rep had told me, “You can’t retire until you get this!” OK. But, I am 70 now and still working full time to keep the insurance. 15 Guardian Sensors, which is a 3 month supply, cost $1,659 without insurance. Being able to check on blood glucose is convenient and addicting, but the pump is a lot of work, and it’s heavy and bulky. What are my retirement options?


Very briefly, United Health Care and others have Medicare “replacement” plans. They may cost the same as/less than what Medicare would deduct from your Social Security check each month. The one I have (for people who have diabetes) covers my test strips and lancets (no co-pay). It also dramatically reduces/eliminates co-pays for many medications (think Humalog) when you use their mail order service. Pump supplies are also covered but, as yet, I am unsure of the co-pay.

As far as using the pump is concerned - Yes, it’s bulky (I am not using the same Medtronic pump you are). But I would never go back to injections. I don’t use CGM and don’t think I want to try it again (last experience was really bad).

Explore what is available to you under Medicare/Medicare replacement plans. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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I thank you so much for any information! At present I have United Health Care as my work provided plan. Recently had****I two emergent situations and am always so thankful for my Health Plan! I wasn’t aware that it was possible to actually opt out of Medicare. What about ALL the money deducted for Medicare from every check for 45 years…!

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You’re not “opting out.” All the money you paid in for so many years begins to work for you (well, sort of).

You can either go regular Medicare (the various parts - alphabet soup). Or, you can choose to go with a plan, administered by an insurance company, that Medicare pays for covering you (maybe I got that right). The plan I was introduced to is through United Health Care. The plan is called “Care Improvement Plus Gold Rx (Regional PPO SNP).” Here is a quote from their literature - “This plan is designed for people with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.” The co-pays and out-of-pocket are very modest, and better than my wife had for me through her work insurance.

There are other programs out there; this one seemed to be the best for me since I am a “healthy” person who has diabetes (diabetes for 60+ years). Here’s an information number (800-204-1002). Be sure to check out other programs that are available; I’m not affiliated with this program or any other Medicare replacement plan (except as a customer).


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Hi Patricia @Peppermint, like what @BillHavins explains so well is that you do not opt out of Medicare and loos all that money but rather, take Medicare for all that you can and opt into a Medicare " Part C" insurance with a private company - like Bill, I too have had diabetes for 60+ years and I’ve chosen a United Health Medicare choice Advantage plan.

I made the mistake of working through to the beginning of my 70th year thinking that I needed to continue working to take advantage of the company health plan. Turn out, under the plan I have now the benefits are as good or better than the Company plan and I believe my out of pocket costs - I see 6 specialists of my choosing - are lower now than when I was working. Message me if you want me to share more details on how this stuff works.

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I will try to resend as this was returned to me.

Hi Dennis!

A friend told me about TypeOneNation in regards to obtaining help or suggestions on Medicare, and I am feeling like I’ve hit the jackpot right now! I want your insurance! Yes! Please share more details when you have time! Is your plan through AARP? I find I don’t have the energy or time to sort out this quagmire of insurance plans…or any confidence that my pump and supplies will be covered.

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Patricia @Peppermint,

What I use for my Part C of Medicare, since the month after my retirement, is AARP Medicare Complete insured through United Health. Up until this year I used the “Regional” plan available in my ZIP Code area of Florida; beginning this year I changed to a newly available Medicare Complete Choice plan which provides me with lower out-of-pocket costs but with coverage that fully meets my needs and then some - like full gym membership.
The monthly deduction from my Social Security increased to $134 [from $110] but specialist visit co-pays went down to $35 from $50 - I regularly see six specialists - and my medication co=pays also decreased. Yeah, I’m an expensive guy but I figure this year I’ll spend less than I have in previous years. And YES I have the PPO that allows me to see whatever doctor I need without prior authorization.


That is extremely helpful! Thank You! I’m an expensive gal when it comes to this, as well.

May I ask what type of CGM you use? Medtronic Rep was adamant that I not retire till I got the 670G, as private insurance was a requirement. Of course, with the delays it came out a year later… I have always been able to see any doctor of my choice without prior authorization. That I would never give up!

I started getting Social Security a month after turning 70. Is that where the deductions are going to come out of?

I am retired, on Dexcom (CGM), and just got a new pump-all paid for by Medicare, and my supplement plan. You can also get insulin, paid from part B Medicare. When you sign up for Medicare, you have to decide between Advantage plans and Supplement plans. You will have to learn how they are different, and which kind will help you the most. Medicare can be very convoluted, to say the least, but once you figure it out, things will work out. I have been retired since July, 2017. If you could sit down with someone who is knowledgeable, it would be helpful, to make the right choices for Medicare.
Good luck to you, Mary

Thank You so much for the clarifications provided! It is all quite overwhelming to start this process. There is also a bit of anger that our country has made it so complex, difficult, and time consuming to figure out. The irony is that If I were younger, I could tackle this SO much better!! I’m tired now after the long work hours.

Yes, Medicare is overwhelming. It takes time to sort things out. I started with an Advantage plan, and switched to a Supplement plan a couple months later. I pay a monthly fee, but pretty much everything is covered now.
You do need a separate drug plan when you sign up with a

S upplement
plan. Every state has separate plans. Your job might be able to give you some direction also.

Just keeping you informed. I have no idea what you have found out.