Affordable CGM/Sensors

I am about to turn 26 and switching off my moms insurance, through Kaiser, to the coverage offered through my employer, a high deductible plan with Cigna. I am currently on the Minimed 670g system for my pump/CGM/sensors and use Humolog.

Because it is open enrollment, I am currently looking into how I can safely and affordably transition into a new treatment plan. I am worried that I will no longer be able to afford my current diabetes care regimen, because all supplies- but sensors in particular- are quite pricey (1 month of sensors will be about $400) and my new insurance plan is not too great.

While I have a few more months on my moms insurance, I am researching alternative CGMs and payment plans through other companies to be able to make care a bit more affordable. Does anyone have any recommendations or tips for affordable CGMs/sensors (Freestyle Libre, Medtronic Guardian Connect, or Dexcom options) or pharmacy programs that I would be eligible for? Thank you in advance!

It’s great that you are researching ahead! You might lol into health insurance brokers to help you with your options. I don’t know what if anything they charge but it could be worth the investment.
I’ve used GOODRX to check out of pocket costs of medications - prices can vary significantly from one pharmacy to another for the same product and quantity. I don’t think they list pumps and durables though.
I have an RX for Freestyle Libre in case there’s an issue getting my CGM supplies. It is less expensive than CGMS such as Dexcom and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but for me it works well as a backup. I’ve gone on eBay or Amazon to get test strips and other supplies.

Hi Lily! @lilydunbar

I do not have health insurance. So, I pay cash for my freestyle Libre at Wal Mart. It isn’t too expensive at about $75 a month (2 sensors). I hope this helps!

Costco in my area offers the freestyle 14 day sensors for around $60 per month and you can take readings on your phone so you don’t need to buy the extra reader device. Check directly with Medtronic to see if they have anything to offer for discounted pump supplies and check directly with Lily for programs regarding discounted insulin cost

My wife switched recently from Minimed 670G to Tandem Tslim. We have 3 months worth of the 670G pump supplies ie infusion sets and cartridges left over. She is on Medicare so these did not cost us anything and we can send them to you at the cost of shipping if you wish. I can send you a photograph of the box and the contents.

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Hi Ron! @ronadvani If you still have the 670g supplies and CGM supplies, I could very much use them! I am having trouble being able to afford my supplies and would appreciate this so much! Please let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Libre 14 day is Medicare approved and lowest out of pocket, two sensors are ~65 a month at CVS. Abbott guarantees your out of pocket is limited to 70 a month.

I have been using the affordable care for 3 years now and relatively it has been a life saver. I get covered for everything diabetes related for around a 100 a month but that is based on income projection. I live in Florida and it has worked great for me so far even with a couple of times going to the hospital. They give me a 3 months supply for the sensor and for the pump. Overall it works for me instead of paying my job insurance that would be 200+ per month. If you have any questions pm me and I can give you more details