I need help

So I’ve been diabetic for many years now and I’ve currently hit a block in the road where I just can’t fix my numbers without feeling sick, my endocrine doc wants me to test more and drop my A1c, I really need a diabetic “buddy” that I can go to in my time of need, I don’t have many friends and I don’t know any other diabetics currently. If I could get someone to kind of help me get back on track and keep me more motivated I’d appreciate it so much, please contact me 425-309-9948 text only

We’ll all be here for you whenever you can reach out. To be honest, most of us don’t have relationships with other T1’s. Supposedly there are a million of us out there, but I’ve personally only met a few in my lifetime, and I’m only kind of friends with one.

Are you working with a Certified Diabetes Educator? This is key because they can meet with you more often than your endo, and they can spend almost a full hour with you to strategize your insulin levels based on what your numbers show. Are you on a pump? You will need to start testing at least 6-8x a day to get a handle on where your numbers are, and you’ll need to keep that up forever. Have you taken a course in carbohydrate counting? Your CDE can help with that too, and there are YouTube videos as well. This is also critical because making accurate adjustments to your insulin regimen depends on making sure you’re calculating your ratios correctly.

This won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick. But it WILL get easier over time once you put the puzzle pieces together and come up with a regimen that works, I promise you. And you’ll feel better, too.

I can imagine that during your many years with diabetes that you have had quite a few “ups & downs” both emotionally and physically and that that yucky feeling yon have when high and the ditzy feeling of too low has you wondering if things will EVER get better - believe me, you and I have T1D we will have many, many more good days than bad.

Joining TON and posting what you did is a big step in having “T1 buddies”. Not quite like a next door neighbor but several / many caring folks here who will offer you suggestions from their many years coping. during my first 50 years with diabetes, I never met anyone else with T1 other than when I’d all too rarely visit the Diabetes Clinic, but I did learn to take pretty good care of myself. @Angievan offered you some wonderful advice; I hope you consider it.

Although I don’t text, feel free to consider me a three-thousand mile away buddy - I will happily hold your hand here - through messaning - and offer what I’ve found helpful.

I totally understand how you feel! I was diagnosed only about a year and a half ago and I have absolutely NO diabetic friends. It’s so frustrating having nobody to talk to who actually goes through this. My friends are super supportive of course but I wish I had a friend who knew what it’s actually like to live with this disease. I hate when I hit “walls” like that where it’s just hard to keep up with it and I just want my health to be how it was before diagnosis. Feel free to message me if you need to vent about it! I’ll definitely try to provide some encouragement!

Hey @Ditzyfauk! I know I’m late lol, but I just wanted to check up and see how you were doing. Have your numbers stabilized? Feel free to message me any time! :smiley: