Hello there :)

hi my name is Kyra and I was wondering if you would want to talk I have been lonely and I know lots of people feel the same. If you just T1D I can help a little and if you have had it for a long time maybe you can tell me something. its been hard and I know for a fact…But we can get though it all if we just stick together!
:slight_smile: p.s I’m sorry if this was bad I’m not good at this stuff lol :wink:


Hi @kyrarose,

Glad you joined! You are right, we all go through spurts of feeling lonely but you know what you aren’t alone. You have this community to lean on when you are feeling down and I am sure you have your family and friends who you can talk to also.

How long have you had diabetes? I am going to have it for 14 years on November 25. I am going to celebrate with a nice big piece of pumpkin pie with some whipped cream on top ! LOL Maybe some other goodies too hahaha

I’m lonely! What’s up in your life? I’m a musician and I love the outdoors, fairy tales, and changing my pump site (not!)
I’ve been T1 for 8 years.
You have a cool name!