I need a recipe for cookies for valentine?

My daughters preschool class is having a valentines day party and I would like to supply the cookies so that My daughter can eat them too. Does anyone have a basic cookie recipe to make heartshaped cookies and a low sugar way to decorate them?

What my friends have done for me in the past when the surprise me on my birthday, for example, with baked goods is follow the same recipe, just use Splenda. We've also made a pie with Splenda; we just exchanged half the sugar if called for, for Splenda.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but it tastes great. I'm fairly sure you could do the same thing with frosting.

I get a lot of recipe ideas by simply "Googling" expressions like "sugar-free cookies recipes".  I just did this and the results came up with plenty of different recipes.  If nuts are allowed in your daughter's school, you could make sugar-free peanut butter cookies and then, while they're still warm out of the oven, you could press two peanut halves into the top of each one to form a heart...

You can pick up some cheap heart-shaped cookie cutters at most dollar-stores, but don't leave it to the last minute as I've found that they do sell out of these types of items quickly!