Birthdays at school

My daughter's 7th birthday is around the corner and I'm cueless at what to bring to sschool for her birthday treat. Shes in 1st grade. Dose anyone have some suggestions for a school treat thats healthy yet fun for for that age?



carrot cake??? no sugar added cupcakes??? some healthy version of cupcakes???

well, i know a lot of people will do non-food items so the diabetic child doesn't feel left out. and anyways, all the other kids don't need candy and cupcakes anyways with the rate of childhood obesity! go to the party/dollar store and find something that would be appropriate for 1st graders! : ) and even though a child is diabetic they can still have a little treat every once in a while as long as they check their glucose or give insulin for it. i'm a firm believer in not fully depriving the kids!

I was diagnosed last year 2 months before my birthday, and when it came to be my birthday my mom flat out refused to bake me a cake!  I was so upset!  I finally talked her into making little cupcakes for me!  If you have a small muffin tin you can make little cupcakes, the carb count on the ones my mom made were not too bad at all, and she didn't even use the fake sugar.

Thank you for your help. I try not to deprive her of anything and just watch portions due to her being so young with such a challenge but sometimes  I feel guilty for allowing her to eat cetain foods

Hi Julie,


Here is a great website for getting started with baking for your sweet daughter.

It's a website with a huge database of recipes indicating carb counts and other nutritional information.  I've found it a great tool for my little boy.  I now have found great alternatives to reduce the amount of carbs such as stevia drops that are flavored in vanilla, chocolate and toffee.  All zero carbs and a natural sweetner.  You can reduce the amount of sugar or elimate it completely in some cases.  Also by using almond meal you can substitute up to half the amount of flour for any recipe.  The carb count for almond meal can moderately reduce the amoount of carbs for your recipe.  These are just some quick tricks I've learned so far.  If I haven't misse your daughter's birthday, please tell her Happy 7th Birthday!!!!  And if you want a really great chocolate cake recipe, shoot me an email.

Thank you so much for the recipes!

Rice Krispie Squares are also not a bad idea.  Even the ones you buy in the store pre-packaged with chocolate drizzled on the top are only 20 g of carbs.

When I was in school and it was my birthday we always brought in sugar free cupcakes. At the time my parents owned a store (Sugar Free Express) and had access to everything we needed. The cool thing was that all of my classmates could not tell it was sugar free.

Look online for a cake mix by a company called "Bernards." It is probably the best sugar free you can buy. Problem is finding where to buy it and paying the price asked for it.

How about fruit cupcakes?  They are a melon cut into a flower shape (or strawberries piled) or some type of fruit (even apples) with a vanilla yogurt and cream cheese "frosting" ontop to make it look like a cupcake decorated in all types of different colors and designs.  They are a big hit at our house for a treat and healthy too.  You can make them mini or a little larger.

A friend of mine always does Strawberry lady bugs for my son and his friend when he is over he loves them.  Try something outside the box... something not baked maybe.