I just want to give up

This is a vent but if you want to reply feel free 

i've been diabetic now for 13 years and it hasn't been easy for all that time , but i've got to the point where my whole life be in school , family life , friends and diabetes etc have all got to the point where i just can't cope and there isn't anything i can do to hold my world together , i know where are people in the world who are worst off and i feel for them and i'm not trying to say anything against them but to me with my life i don't know what i can do , I JUST WANT TO GIVE UP !!!!!  

Nothing i do to improve any aspect of my life helps !!!! I don't want to give up , I don't want diabetes to beat me but i don't see a way out of anything 


Hi Glenn,

I think you are tricking yourself into thinking that everything that is happening right now is permanent. This is a false belief. I have had this idea in my head so many times over the years and it is really false. WHen I get a new ache somewhere I tell myself that It's cause I'm getting old so it must be permanent and then the ache goes away. Sometimes it has taken a few years but what I thought was permanent went away. Bad days at work, problems with my kids,etc. It is all temporary except for diabetes and even that may be temporary when a cure is found. Giving up is a permanent solution to a TEMPORARY problem.

You should seek good concealing ASAP. Things will change and they will get better.

Terry is right on.  The older you get the more you realize that life is constantly changing between good and bad.  The struggle you're experiencing now won't last.

What part of dealing with diabetes is stressing you the most?  

I feel that way too. You just have to say to yourself, " Everyday they are closer to a cure." I say that a TON to myself to keep me moving. I get stressed out sometimes but you just have to say, " Everyday they are closer."

I'm afraid if they do cure diabete's that it has already done irreversable damage. My nerves for instance, not to mention E.D, untreated gastro/digestive problems, thats being brief and no idea whats to be next complication... But I still love my life, though I feel deprived of it most of the time and hopeless

It is definitely discouraging to have a disease that is often unpredictable and has so many facets to manage!  I get upset quite often at myself and at the disease, but I am still encouraged by talking about it both to family and to healthcare providers.  Better management of diabetes even to add some constancy in removing hypo/hyper glycemic events does make a difference in your mood and in your sensitivity to blood glucose changes.  Depression which is often an associated feature that goes hand in hand with our disease is treatable.

Let your team (personal, family, spouse, doctors) know how your are feeling in order to find a way to better manage it.  I can't promise eliminating it or even making you feel better, but I think that having more good days than bad makes life bearable and more challenging.

I am less optimistic about a disease being found in our lifetime based on my contact with the researchers currently involved in the field, but I think that we are lucky enough to be living in the age where better tools to make our lives easier are arriving every year.  I have felt pretty low in some periods of my life, but I often talk to my care team about it and have received some help, enough to say that I have more "good" days (from a mood and diabetes management perspective) than "bad" days and encourage others to seek help.

Nobody can help you unless you ask for help and take advantage of whatever care you might have at your disposal:  nurses, spouse/significant other, therapist, community clinic, meet me group, etc.

You are not alone and life is worth living -- do not console yourself with thinking that you should not complain about it and that there must surely be others in worse situations that deal with life -- love yourself enough to ask for help.  I care about you and this group cares about you, but as much as we may have good intentions, we do not wake up every morning thinking about the well-being of each member of this forum.

You took a first step and wrote about what you were feeling, not elaborate on that feeling by communicating it to people who have the power and willingness to help you design a plan to take action!  I hear frustration, but also enough impetus in you to continue to fight this damn disease and not let it win -- manage it and realize that it is not completely under your control and will win sometimes -- you just have to make sure you win more often that it does.

I apologize for the long-winded stream of consciousness, but I have been where you are and have dug myself up and out -- I did it with help and it does not happen without some hard work and communication -- you can do it!

We all have those moments. I even had years like that. just have to take it one day at a time, that's what I do.


Shame on you for allowing your diabetes to crumble you down if you give up.

Get help as soon as possible like diabetes counseling.  Think POSITIVE!

Good Luck!


<3 May light and love be found within, I'm right there with you Glenn. We are not alone, regardless of how desperate things may seem, this site has been a blessing, being shown individuals who are aware and fighting my same fight. YOU'RE NOT ALONE! and your strength to continue shines in us all! Here fighting for you, and working day in and day out to make it another one. <3 There's a reason you're here, I keep telling myself that, I hope that this finds you well. seriously <3


I have been in your exact position.. and depression and giving up and hating life sometimes IS NORMAL. Even for someone wihtout diabetes. I was at the point of saying fuck it to my disease.. and in fact i did. for a few years, and I am paying for it in 10 fold... I mean i have much better control now, but at the same token i have complications that are scary and I dont think i can push through words to take care of yourself as best as you can! I have a high stress life, so i get that part, but i also work in mental health as a secretary and this may not appeal to you, but going to a therapist, or a psychiatrist, never hurts. You can vent to them like no other and they are totally ok with it! haha. But if thats uncomfortable for you, theres lots of people on this website, feel free to send me a message and we can vent away!

Oh my god, I totally know the feeling. There's no way out, I know, and it's painful. But you are way more than diabetes can ever be, way more than it can ever take away. I often feel the same way - that there is nothing I can do, that I cannot win, that I am stuck and that it really, really hurts. I definitely know. It sucks in the worst way, that feeling, and diabetes itself. Just remember that it's part of who you are, but it doesn't cover the person it attached itself to. You can definitely talk to me anytime about it. I'm glad to know I'M not alone in these feelings! Feel free to contact me: EmilyPetit@yahoo.com