I Got Bit By A Mosquito!

Will something happen to me? I’m scared.

Hi! I’m not sure of the specific nature of your concern, but mosquito bites shouldn’t really be impacted by your type 1. I garden a lot and, despite my best efforts, currently have quite a few mosquito bites. There aren’t really any type one-associated problems that occur with a few bites, as far as I am aware.

I’m not sure if maybe you’re worried about other things, such as the current news about Zika virus? That would be a bit of a different issue from being type 1, and is mostly influenced by whether you live in a part of the world where mosquitoes are likely to transmit Zika (currently mostly in South and Central American countries).

Hello There,
Just because you are Type One and you get bitten by a mosquito, You shouldn’t need worry UNLESS there are other factors. I agree with what Christie has said.

During my almost 60 years with T1, I’ve been bitten thousands of times by mosquitos and have not had any adverse reactions.