Humalog vs. Novolog

Meidcare is making me switch from Humalog to Novolog.
Does anyone have any experience with the switch?

hi @DuaneT1,

totally and completely interchangeable for me. I suggest you test a little more, to make sure. good luck!

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I’ve been T1 since 1983. These two are almost the same for me. When I was on Humalog, it worked fine but took about 30 minutes to “fully activate”. Novalog is about 15 minutes (for me). As always: your-mileage-may-vary.

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I’ve used both and find they work just about the same for me.
I used Humalog from the month it was approved by FDA until my insurance forced a change to Novolog in 2005. Then at the beginning of 2016 my Medicare forced me back to Humalog.
Be aware that you may need to slightly tweak bolus ratios and basal rates.