How to manage Insertion Sites for Omnipod

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My 10 years old is recently diagnosed and we are planning to go for Omnipod Dash. My worries are around managing insertion sites because he has to change sites every 3 days and he has to do this for his life time which means that he may have to insert at same site multiple times in gap of few days. will that cause any issues? is there any advice on managing sites so that his body gets enough time to recover from insertion at a particular spot?

Scar tissue can develop over time and especially if you’re using the same area over and over again. Make sure to leave a 1 inch gap between the new and previous site. If using the abdomen, start from the front and work your way back. After you run out of space, start using the other side of his abdomen. This will give the body time to heal and not cause any problems.


here is the map. replace “injection sites” with “POD sites” or “CGM Sites” and you’re good. hope it helps

infusion sites

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Don’t forget that as he grows there will be more “real estate” to work with. I started taking injections at age 3 (1 shot a day), started on multiples after college, and have been on a pump for 20+ years and a CGM for around 10. I rarely have issues with bad sites.

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If you are using the OmniPod Dash system there is an option in there while setting up your pod where you can track your sites. This way it may make it easier to remember how long ago you used a certain site and where you might want to put your next pod.

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