Infected site

My 12 year old son has been diabetic since June 2016. He recently developed an infection in his Omnipod site. He is on antibiotics. Blood sugars are of course all over the place. It was cultured and came back with staff bacteria. Have others struggled with this issue. It was suggested to have him tested to see if he is a staff carrier if it happens again

We just had this same thing happen with my 12 year old T1D, he has been T1 since 2013 and this was a first! The antibiotics seemed to clear it up and the site looks much better! But now worried that it will be a constant issue.

We have issues with rashes, but not infections typically. Not sure about pump sites for the omnipod, but i think the tape they use is all pretty similar. I can see those being a carrier for bacteria.

Here are a few things we do with our daughters CGM/Pump site that might help.

Spray the area with Flonase and let it dry before applying. (after alcohol swab)

Make a sandwich with a J&J tough pad. The pad goes on the skin and the pump/cgm goes on top. You should check with your educator first though as I’ve never done this with an omnipod. (Robot or human?)

Also, call Omni and let them know…they’ll likely send you a new pod for free.