How to be an advocate

In case you were wondering, every time you talk to someone about diabetes, you are an advocate. We find so many misunderstandings in our daily interactions with people, that every time you dispel a myth, or provide someone with information, you are advocating on behalf of your brothers and sisters with diabetes. I inadvertently gave an impromptu speech on managing diabetes and the use of insulin pumps to some of my nursing classmates this last semester. Take heart knowing that there are now 7 new nurses out there that have a better understanding of what we go through in our daily management and will be less intimidated by the use of a pump in their facilities should you ever have to be cared by them. One person at a time! I was diagnosed seven years ago, and I can say that diabetes has taught me endurance (it is a marathon, not a sprint), empathy for others dealing with chronic disease, and a platform to educate others. Diabetes has been an opportunity more than it has been a burden!

Martoya, well said!! Some people feel very intimidated by to word “Advocate” when really it is just having a conversation and sharing facts. The more we converse about diabetes, the more information we disburse, the more informed others will be.

While diabetes can be a royal pain in the bottom, it has taught us quite a lot. We in turn have taught others. We have become stronger and smarter because of it. It has introduced us to many wonderful people in our community we may have never met without this disease. So yes, there are some positives!

Keep advocating!!