How long till cure?

How long until expected cure? Shot answers please no testimonies.

I called God’s office and they put me on hold. Once he gets on the phone I will ask him for the exact time, date month and year and will report back here.


I hope soon. I was told 56 years ago that it will be in 5 years. i am going strong.
I know there is alot of work out there, be patient.


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minimum 10 years. maximum forever. Live like this is your last week, but learn like you are going to live forever. wasting your whole life because you think it’ll be easier tomorrow may not be wise, but good luck anyway.

At the JDRF Gala in Chicago around 1990, my friend, whose 16 year old son had just been diagnosed with T1D, told me they were calling the 90’s the ‘decade of the cure’. The best development has been the 670 Medtronic system.

Yes Lisa @lisabw26 that 1990’s was packed with advances and understanding of diabetes - I can’t count the number of experiments in which I participated - yep, I STILL have diabetes. I agree that the Medtronic 670g system is a great management tool but it is nowhere near or intended to be a cure; in fact because it makes living with diabetes such a “breeze” and so simple it may distract those looking for an actual cure. My opinion - having personally been wanting a cure for 62 years.

Sam @supersam101. my educated guess is very close to @joe’s “minimum 10 years to maximum forever”. In case a cure does come I don’t expect that it will reverse any destruction of our bodies that has occurred so it is best that we take good care of ourselves with whatever means we are able - a cure will NOT replace a foot that needed amputation.

Never, Parma and medical device companies make too much money to allow a cure… the last figure I read was in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year. All we can hope for is better devices and drugs to treat T1D

Except that there are hundreds of biopharmaceutical companies actively working on stem cell and other types of research. Those companies would be very happy to find a cure and make billions for themselves while destroying all the insulin manufacturers in the process.

Digital cameras destroyed the film industry. Email destroyed the USPS regular mail industry, jet planes destroyed the international passenger ship industry and this cure will destroy the test strip/insulin/pump/cgm industry.

If it makes you feel good to say that major pharma is blocking the secret cure then go ahead and say it. Conventional wisdom says otherwise.

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In 1994 the community was swearing only ten more years. Though that hasn’t cheapened, there have been so many advances. Unfortunately I am a bit of a pessimist about all of it. When I reviewed how much money I spend monthly on all my diabetes equipment (insulin, test strips, pump supplies, etc.) it makes me seriously doubt that they would be willing to lose so much money by finding a cure. I’m aware that’s NOT the case but it still makes me wonder.

Exactly right! I always say that the money’s in the treatment, not a cure!

Nobody can say how long, but I think actually 15 to 20 years to find a cure that gets to be tested in humans is a good guess based on recent developments with stem cells research! I think stem cells are the future and there is a lot of research on them including to find a cure for diabetes. But for now, I’m happy to know that maybe future generations won’t need to live with it, not sure that will be true for me!

Hi Sal, When I died and came back of all the things I asked, that wasn’t one of them. So Sorry it never entered my mind. I was going to stay and he said no and when I asked him why he wasn’t doing more he asked me why I wasn’t, and then sent me back with a list. I guess at the time I didn’t think that question was important, I’ll put it on my list in case I get the chance again. OK? Have a great day. Bye jan PS: today is my 73 birthday and a type 1 for 64

I haven’t heard anything and don’t really think about it too much. Minimed has an insulin pump with a closed loop system (or semi closed) that works with a continuous glucose monitor and automatically adjusts your basal rate of insulin if you are starting to drop - then returns the rate once you are back to normal, as well as some other bells and whistles. That’s the quick and dirty explanation - you may want to research it for more clarity and detail - but that’s about the closest thing I’ve heard of up to now.

I have heard of that too, but to me that is not in the slightest bit even near to the cure. That is just the sign of a compromise. They’re trying to reduce our suffering. What they don’t understand is that we want less stuff to carry around and fewer things attached to our bodies. We want freedom and like many other people who have earned it in the past do we not deserve it?