Hives and autoimmune diseases

Hi! I’m just curious if anyone else has this issue. I get hives like clockwork with fall allergies and it’s extremely frustrating. I had blood work done a few years back that showed I’m not technically allergic to anything but that I have extremely sensitive skin and that being slightly affected by pollen may be enough to start itching which for me results in hives. Yesterday I had a follow up with the allergiest and she told me that sometimes people with autoimmune diseases or thyroid issues ( I have both) are more likely to suffer from hives without a known cause and the hives might actually just be a response to an overreactive immune system. So I’m just curious if anyone else has this issue and if they ever out grew this? It’s extremely frustrating to deal with and taking double antihistamines can be exhausting but it’s what’s recommended!

Hi Taylor @Tee25, I don’t know that diabetes can be your culprit in this. At least I personally haven’t recognized this factor. You may wonder on what my observations are based.

Over the years, I’ve known many people severely affected by hives, and none of these people have had diabetes of any type. for instance, two cases: Our daughter [mid 50’s] is severely affected with hives a couple of times every year, she has critical pollen allergies, and critical [hospitalization] ant-bite reactions - yet she does not show any signs of diabetes. 2. Her daughter [mid 20’s] has severe seasonal pollen allergies, yet does not have diabetes. Both of them, according to some “critics/experts”, are in the “Diabetes high-risk” category.

Maybe someone else can observe a connection. I know it is easy to always blame diabetes, but an individual with well-managed TypeOne diabetes is no more than minimally susceptible to other conditions than the general public.

Totally agree. But they also said not all hives are autoimmune related but in people with an established autoimmune disease like T1D the odds of having hives are actually higher than someone without because our bodies already overreact to things that people without autoimmune diseases wouldn’t. Just found it interesting more than anything and was curious if anyone else has hives and diabetes too :slight_smile: my diabetes is super controlled too so just found it extremely interesting

Several years ago I set up visits with both an allergist and a dermatologist because my skin was breaking out, although not in hives. I was told I had sensitive skin and to use unscented products, which has helped tremendously.
I believe allergies (including hives) are simply bad luck of the draw - most people I know are allergic to something, T1 or not.
I’ve also had seasonal allergies most of my life - had the opportunity to get allergy shots as a child. The idea didn’t bother me but I had other things I preferred to do and since it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time no one pressed it and I took OTC meds as needed. A couple of years ago I developed cough variant asthma and am finally getting shots to help with my triggers - I now take them at home. Maybe shots will help you too.