High when sick

I'm sure this is normal but it's tough right now.  My 2 year old has an ear infection and runny nose. Had high fever for last 2 days but fever has gone now.  Anyway, he's on antibiotics so that will be taken care of but the highs he's getting are tough to deal with.

I'm sure this is a normal thing, when sick, blod sugar goes up right?

Oh, yes.  Illness causes stress to the body, which elevates blood sugar.  Quite a bit, for me.

mmhm... you should also check for ketones just to make sure

Yes! Personally, I'm on a pump, and my Dr has told me to increase my basil (basically same as lantus) by 150% to start, and if that's not enough to go up to as much as 200%. Check with your endo...he'll probably recommend the same, although I obviously don't have any experience with it for babies!

Well no ketones so that's good.  We bumped up his insulin by .5 units until we see him get lower ( endo's orders)

He's in good spirits, running around and being a 2 year old. Sleeping is a bit tough right now but that goes with a stuffed nose!

I saw this coming, he was getting higher numbers last week.

Thanks for all your replies. Just a bit scary when you see 104f and your son boiling hot.

Thank you Advil and Tempra!

Since he is two I will assume he is taking kids liquid advil and if he is taking liquid antibiotics both of which are full of sugar (unless they make both for diabetics and I am not aware of it) those will make hi BS jump up there pretty good as well.