Diabetes and school

Hi guys,

So I just came across this online community, it’s crazy how big it is!
I’m from the UK and in September starting year 13 (last year of school before university/college). From experience I’ve never encountered people who had a problem with my diabetes, as in people making fun of it or any other sort of bullying. However, i am aware of many other diabetics experiencing horrible encounters in school because of their diabetes.

I was hoping to hear if anyone experienced any problems in school or in a public space because of their diabetes?

When I was in high school I never had any problems being bullied because of diabetes. People my age were for the most part smart enough to know not to say anything rude about it. Of course I did get a few people who would just make stupid assumptions and comments (“You can’t eat donuts right?” and “don’t eat that, it’ll make your diabetes worse” and stuff like that), and some people would get “grossed out” by me injecting in the beginning. (They got used to it though :D) All of my friends and teachers were very supportive and understanding and went out of their way to make me comfortable after my diagnosis. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about! Your last year of high school is going to be amazing! :smiley:

Hey emmyangel!!!

Thank you for the reply i wasn’t worried about my final year of school :). I met a girl at my hospital who was going through a tough time with school and was actually just shocked. Thankfully my school is great and the people are really understanding. I get what you mean by people making ignorant comments, but hey its nothing sarcasm can not handle!!!