High blood sugars in first few weeks

Hi everyone, my husband and I just found out we're pregnant!  By my calender we conceived 3 weeks ago, but my doctor tells me 4 1/2 weeks based on my last menstrual cycle.  ANYWAY, so far I've needed more insulin (not less like many people) during this initial phase.  I have increased both basal and bolus and wondering if anyone else experienced this?  any tips? 

Congratulations! I am about 9 wks along. I am not sure I can truly help you, but rather sympathize with you. My sugars are changing, too. I am finding that my waking sugars are awesome (within target of 60-90), but after breakfast and lunch I cannot get below 140. Based on what I've seen over the last few days, I just made changes to my basal and I:C ratios in my pump. Since I just made the changes today, I don't yet have any feedback. Right now I am just checking constantly, probably almost every hour, and adjusting as necessary. I have also found that I have to take my insulin really early for breakfast and lunch (at least an hour before eating). So, my best advice, being a newbee myself, is to keep checking your sugars and adjust as necessary (w/o jumping the gun and hitting too many lows).

I am about 10 weeks along, and so far I have been running very low this entire time. Usually in the first trimester, blood sugars apparently run low, and by the third trimester you will need a lot more insulin. I guess you should meet with your endocrinologist and high risk ob/gyn to discuss this. Good luck!

First congratulations! I am 13 weeks along with twins and it has been a lot of work but very exciting! Since this is my first pregnancy I don't know what is really normal but I had the same thing. I was high at first and needed a lot more insulin then a couple of weeks ago I had to go back to my old settings on my pump because I was having so many lows and I am noticing now that I am starting to need more insulin again. I was really worried at first though when I was going through so much insulin and didn't even believe I was pregnant because it was so different than what I had heard but everything is going well so far. As far as tips I don't have too many other than the usual just doing what feels best to you and talking with your doctors about it. Good luck though! It is definitely an exciting time! 

I experienced the same thing... I ran more high than low and had to make adjustments to my rates at about 5 weeks (almost immediately after I found out I was pregnant!).  My endo thought it was probably more related to my stress levels than anything to do with my diabetes ;).  That's probably why it varies so much by person.  Below is what I've experienced so far...  I'm curious to know how it compares to everyone else!

Month 1: no change

Month 2: +10%

Month 3: +~2%

Month 4: +~2%

Month 5: +~5%

Month 6: +~8%

Month 7: +~15%

Month 8: +~13% (for a total of +55% so far!)

Month 9: don't know yet! 

As far as tips go... test often, get a CGM, and review your readings with your endo every couple of weeks to make adjustments (I'm pretty comfortable making adjustments myself, but it's nice to make sure you're on the same page as your dr).  I download my pump and then we just talk on the phone to discuss changes (I do see her once a month though).

Good luck to you!!

I had both high and low periods (sometimes varying within the hour, lol) in my first trimester. Basically things were just crazy! (;

Because every Mom's numbers can vary, I just tried to keep great BG data and reassess (and usually change) doses every 2-3 days through pregnancy.

Hi Rebecca!

Congratulations!!! This is a very exciting time for you. I just had my first baby a few months ago and can relate to the changing insulin needs throughout pregnancy. I definitely found that I needed about 3x as much insulin in the last trimester and like some of the women who posted here also found that my post breakfast sugars were extremely hard to control. I found sticking to a low carb/whole grain diet helped a lot during those times that my sensitivity was low... and made sure to test frequently so that I avoided severe lows when my body was burning more energy. I went on the Paradigm CGM and pump before we were trying to conceive and highly recommend it for pregnancy if you don't already have something like that. That combined with making careful choices food-wise kept my A1c in range (5.4 approx) throughout pregnancy. The other thing you should consider is whether or not you were stressed during the last 3-4 weeks while waiting to know if you were pregnant. That emotional stress of anticipation could easily drive your sugars higher. Try to take it in stride and enjoy the process. Your sugars won't be perfect... heck that's what being diabetic is all about... but if you know you are doing what you can to keep yourself and the baby healthy, then you will feel well and have a good outcome in the end. Best of health to you!!!

Thanks everyone for your input.  My BG readings have come down and I am back to my normal basal rate.  I have been reading a very good book called, Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes by Cheryl Alkon.  It's written by a T1D and 100% from that perspective.  It's great.  Anyway, interesting chart on page 94 that outlines the typical insulin requirements during pregnancy....thought some of you would find it interesting!