About 5 Weeks Pregnant and Need Advice/Guidance Please


My husband and I found out the AMAZING news last week that I am pregnant!!!!!! This is our first time expecting, and I am about 5 or 6 weeks (based on the first day of my last period). Anyways, I already saw my endo but he was not too specific as to what I am supposed to really feel and see with my blood sugar levels in the beginning stages. He was not worried overall and said I am healthy and OK glucose-wise (my last a1c was 6.8). But, I am feeling a bit paranoid..I am doing whatever I possibly can to make sure my numbers are good, especially now becase I know how crucial tight control is during the first trimester. However, I do get the occasional unexplainable highs....usually 2 hours AFTER meals...and I've noticed I am high around 2 am....I have made several adjustments to my basal (I am on the pump and CGM) but I feel like some of these high readings are totally out of my control, which is why I am reaching out to anyone that can shed some light on their pregnancy as a T1 diabetic. Any advice and guidance would be really appreciated.

Thank you so much!


A very paranoid Type 1 =)


Hi Sara, first off, congrats to u and your husband! I am in the same boat, I’ll be 9 weeks at the end of the week, and have been a little paranoid too! Have u spoken to a dietician? I was told to eat a bedtime snack, usually a glass of milk with crackers and peanut butter. It’s helped keep my morning numbers down. Good luck with your pregnancy!

Aim for the lowest target blood sugar that you can maintain without having lows.  Work with your doctor to find the right target.

To prevent the meal spikes take insulin, then eat, then test 1 hr. later to see if you need a correction dose.  It will keep your numbers tight.

Also get diligent about carb  counting.  You also might need avoid high carb or fatty foods at dinner.  I could eat them at lunch with no problem, but at dinner it would cause a middle of the night blood sugar spike.

Congratulations on your baby!  Very exciting!

First Congrats.  I am currently 6wks, 4days.  you should keep your before meal blood sugars from 70 to 110 and after meals shouldn't get over 150 or 160.  My dr. said an occasional high will not do anything, but if you begin to notice a pattern, then you need to change your basals.  When is your first ultrasound?

Thank you ladies!!!

I am very excited.....just want to make sure I do everything right so we have a healthy baby.

I have not seen a dietician...but I am watching my carb intake. My husband and I are measuring our food (like pasta) and we eat very health! (no sat fat, no salt). We have been preparing for this pregnancy for about 3 months so and made adjustments to our diet before we got this amazing news. So now, it all feels very natural.

But, although it feels like i'm doing it all right, i do still get the weird highs.... the one problem is we eat dinner a bit late. We usually eat about 8 pm...and I got to bed at around 10pm. By the time I get home from work its around 5...and between winding down a bit, showering, and making dinner, it seems impossible to get dinner on the table before 8 pm. Not to mention, my pre-bed sugars are usually on target...last night when I got in bed I was at 90 (2hours post meal)....but around 3:30 am my Continuous Glucose Monitor alarmed me telling me I was at 170. So I got up and took a correction bolus. Not sure why there was a spike even though I didn't eat anything before bed.... GRRRRRR!!!!

And I see the OB for the first time on the 20th...I cannot wait! I am not sure if they will do the ultrasound on the spot, but we will see what the OB says.