Hiedi Gilson & Fundraising ideas


I love the pictures of your daughter, Hiedi.  She looks like such a fun & sweet young woman.

And I agree with DDrumminMan, we did find some comfort in organizing a JDRF walk in Billy's memory.  We had done some small family walk teams occasionally over the years, but last year was a huge turnout.  It was just very nice to see all his friends & family remembering our son in such a positive effort.  Billy would have been very proud and happy.

Some organizations that help people with Type 1 diabetes (but I am sure there are more):

JDRF Walk for the Cure raises money to fund the research to find a cure  http://www.jdrf.org/index.cfm?page_id=102434

Diabetes Summer Camps help educate kids in daily diabetes management in a fun and informal setting while they get to interact with other kids with diabetes http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-camp/diabetes-camp.jsp

Joslin Diabetes Center is the worlds largest diabetes research center for type 1 or 2 diabetes http://www.joslin.org/

Some other fundraising ideas that we have seen work well:  Some friends of Billy's organized a hockey tournament and raised money through the entry fees for a few scholarships for children to attend a Summer Camp for kids with Diabetes.  A couple friends solicited and auctioned off prizes donated by local businesses during a golf tournament, another kid who has a music band donated the cover charges and another group of buddies simply held a backyard wiffleball tournament and sold 50/50 raffle tickets.

You can get very creative linking a fundraiser to an interest that represented Hiedi.  If Hiedi has friends or family nearby, definitely contact them and ask them to get involved.  You may be surprised at how eager they are to help.  They may need to find positive ways to remember Hiedi too, and keeping in touch with her friends may bring you all some comfort. 

Still thinking of you and here to help you anytime. 

~ Therese

Anyone else have some cool or unusual fundraising ideas??? I'll bet there are some interesting ones out there.

That is some amazing ideas!  My 16 year old daughter is going to have a car wash and we are giving out buttons thanking them for donating and she is giving it all to diabtetes research. 

I think anything that gets money raised is great but it is even better when it raises awareness in our community!!