Hey everyone!

I just wanted to say hello to everybody because I am new on here. My sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last summer. I joined so I could learn more about diabetes and also help support others. So anyways, how is everyone doing?

Hey, Mark! Welcome to Juvenation! You can to the right place to find out more information about diabetes from those living with it! It's so sweet you're on here for your sister :o) You should try to convince her to join too! We'd love to have the whole family.

Thank you C, my sister Katelyn is on here, you may already have her as a friend.

Fabulous! It's nice to see you both on here :D

Welcome Mark!

It's so sweet to see a brother caring so much about his sister and wanting to learn more! :)

This is a great site, I just joined it a few months ago and it is a huge support system! I have type 1 as well and was diagnosed when I was 18, three years ago, I am just now getting my blood sugars in check and it feels great!! :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

Mariah :)

Welcome Mark!  This is the greatest place with the most wonderful people......It's so nice to see you supporting your sister!  If you have any questions, they can get answered here!

Mark, FWIW, I've had T1 for 68 years. I have one sister, and she and her children and grandchildren have never gotten it. However, some other families have been less fortunate.

Hello Tom! 68 years is a long time! I have tremendous respect for everything Type 1 diabetics go through. I hope that I can get to know people on here and hear about their stories.

Welcome! It's nice of you to support your sister! Everything my brother knows about diabetes (which isn't much) he learned from watching Scrubs...lol.

hi mark! its so sweet of you to come on her in support of your sister. I'm sure she will find answers to all of her question from her peers on here, and you too :) feel free to ask away. welcome :D

Welcome to Juvenation !